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COREPSIN01 Allegri Miserere - Its Evolution

During the Choral Pilgrimage 2013 Harry Christophers and The Sixteen present a new version of Allegri's Miserere charting its evolution. They intend to shed light on the complicated history of this most famous of choral pieces. Also available to purchase with full score.

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COR16004 Hodie: An English Christmas Collection

A collection of English Christmas music of the 20th century by Howells, Britten, Tavener, Leighton and Warlock. Based around Britten's A Ceremony of Carols, this disc highlights music by many of the finest contemporary composers and demonstrates their keen awareness of the past when writing festive music.

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COR16005 Purcell: The Fairy Queen

The Sixteen's acclaimed baroque orchestra, makes its first appearance on a CORO disc. The Fairy Queen, one of Purcell's grandest creations, is a fantastic blend of magic, mystery, passion and tomfoolery - both profoundly moving and entertaining in turn.

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COR16009 Teixeira: Te Deum

António Teixeira's extraordinary and grandly structured setting of the Te Deum was written for a New Year's Eve performance in 1734 in the Italian Church of his home city, Lisbon. Calling for eight soloists, five spaced choirs and a large orchestra, this lavish and ornate piece bubbles and sparkles through the text with an easy zest and breezy charm that is distinctively Portuguese.

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COR16014 Allegri Miserere

The haunting tones of Allegri's Miserere are unique and instantly recognisable even to those who know little sacred choral music. Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli is certainly his best known work. Along with his Stabat Mater it combines exquisite contrapuntal poise with a translucent setting of the words, whereby music and text complement each other to the detriment of neither.

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COR16016 Spem in alium

Newly recorded in the round and in surround sound, Thomas Tallis' 40-part motet, Spem in alium, one of the great landmarks of polyphony, forms the centre-piece of this dazzling CD. Under the theme, Music for Monarchs and Magnates' The Sixteen draws together music by Tallis, Byrd, Gibbons and Thomas Tomkins, some of it never before recorded, some indeed not performed since the time of its writing.

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COR16025 Heroes and Heroines

An astonishing disc of Handel Arias sung by one of opera’s rising stars, Sarah Connolly. Arias of both Heroes and Heroines from Alcina, Solomon, Ariodante and Hercules. Performing with Sarah on this new album is The Sixteen’s acclaimed orchestra The Symphony of Harmony and Invention. In addition to the thrilling and heart-stoppingly beautiful arias on this recording, the orchestra has some ‘solo’ tracks of its own.

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COR16027 Christus Natus Est: An Early English Christmas

A medley of carols ranging from the demure to the rustic; a simple expression of joy and wonder. Some have an element of dance in them, including some of the ‘Devil’s best tunes given back to God’ in the form of carols. A collection of appropriate medieval instruments, including fiddles, harps, lutes and drums, accompanies the singers.

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COR16033 Victoria: Requiem 1605

This recording features the celebrated Requiem of 1605, Victoria's final composition and a work of beguiling beauty and sumptuous simplicity. It can be seen as the summation of both his art and the Spanish Renaissance tradition. The Requiem is preceded by Marian Antiphons interspersed with three motets setting texts from the Song of Songs.

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COR16034 A Ceremony of Carols: Britten Choral Works Volume II

Britten's A Ceremony of Carols is a masterpiece composed on board ship as Britten returned to England from the U.S.A. in 1948, a touching evocation of boyhood lost but never forgotten. A Boy was Born is a work that first made Britten famous, based on a theme and variations of astonishing ingenuity.

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COR16038 Fen and Meadow: Britten Choral Works
Volume III

These works show some of the breadth and range of Britten's choral writing, embracing the masque from his opera Gloriana, his own take on the English part song tradition in Five Flower Songs, and his last work for unaccompanied voices, Sacred and Profane.

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COR16039 J.S. Bach: Cantatas 34, 50, 147

Bach was Leipzig’s Director Musices between 1723 and 1729, as well as being Cantor of St. Thomas’s School involving providing music for the four principal churches and also any other special sacred or secular occasion. During these years Bach supplied at least three complete annual cycles of Cantatas for the church year.

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COR16042 Vivaldi: Gloria in D major / Bach: Magnificat in D major

Vivaldi’s Gloria is his best-known sacred work. Here it fittingly complements Bach’s joyful Magnificat. Polished singing and playing from soloists and The Sixteen make this a disc that will please all lovers of this irrepressible music.

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COR16043 A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection Volume I

A collection of traditional Christmas Carols from The Sixteen, sung in well-known and well-loved arrangements with traditional harmonies and original words. This is the perfect Christmas disc for create a relaxing and convivial mood, enjoying the familiar sounds of that special season of the year where love and hope surround us.

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COR16047 Music from the Sistine Chapel

This disc offers a fascinating collection of works written for the Papal Chapel. Researched and sung by one of the world's leading choirs, The Sixteen and Harry Christophers, this recording includes many world premiere recordings of these rarely heard sacred works.

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COR16050 Ein Deutsches Requiem

Recorded ‘as live’ in October 2006, Brahms’ German Requiem one of the great choral masterpieces of all time. Brahms himself made a piano transcription of the orchestral parts of his magnificent Requiem. The arrangement for two players allows a degree of intimacy, precision and contrapuntal clarity that cannot be achieved in the orchestral version.

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COR16053 Venetian Treasures

The sacred choral music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries from Venice, especially that written for the splendour of St Mark’s, has a unique style. From the rich and sonorous sound world of the Gabrielis to the airy zestfulness of Caldara’s contemporary Vivaldi, this was music which dazzled the rest of Europe.

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COR16056 Treasures of Tudor England

The turbulent years of Reformation and religious change in England presented composers working for the church with the continual challenge of having to adapt to rapidly changing musical requirements. Although little is known about the personal religious affiliation of composers such as Christopher Tye, Robert Parsons and Robert White, their Latin music represents by far the most interesting and significant musical thought of its time.

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COR16057 Fauré Requiem

The result of a brand new collaboration between two of the finest modern day exponents of classical music, The Sixteen and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, this exquisite disc brings fresh life to Fauré’s peerless Requiem and injects imaginative invention and poetic phrasing into two of Mozart’s choral masterpieces.

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COR16066 Coronation Anthems

Handel’s Coronation Anthems have delighted audiences ever since their first performance in 1727. They appear in all their glory on this recording interspersed with a selection of Handel favourites including an interesting version of his Organ Concerto in F major Opus 4 in its original version with the finale of an 'Hallelujah' chorus.

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COR16073 Sounds Sublime

Highlights from some of the most celebrated recordings from Harry Christophers and his award-winning ensemble. Equally appealing to fans of The Sixteen and those who are new to the group, this disc provides a definitive collection of familiar classics and lesser-known treasures.

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COR16076 Handel: Dixit Dominus / Steffani: Stabat Mater

This recording from The Sixteen sets Handel’s stunning Dixit Dominus alongside a little known treasure - Agostino Steffani’s Stabat Mater.

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COR16077 Ceremony and Devotion

Sixteenth-century England was a place of much religious change. Composers of the day such as William Byrd, John Sheppard and Thomas Tallis were required to adapt to rapidly changing musical requirements as various monarchs came into power. This disc stands as a celebration of the incredible skill and musical mastery of composers in such troubled times.

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COR16085 A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection Volume II

On this second volume you will discover familiar seasonal favourites such as Unto us a boy is born and It came upon the midnight clear but we have also included some less well-known gems like Cherry Tree Carol and Gloucestershire Wassail.

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COR16087 Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale Volume I

Without doubt, Monteverdi was the greatest of the early baroque European composers. He revolutionised the music of the theatre and church by his dramatic and imaginative use of voices and instruments and daring harmonies and rhythms. Next to his Vespers of 1610, the Selva morale e spirituale is his most significant and virtuosic collection of sacred music.

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COR16088 Hail, Mother of the Redeemer

The long-established tradition of devotion to the Virgin Mary resulted in some superb settings from Spanish composers. Tomás Luis de Victoria was, quite possibly, the most outstanding composer of the Renaissance and this recording features a tantalizing selection of the sumptuous music he wrote in honour of the Virgin Mary, including some of his exquisite Marian motets and the glorious Missa Alma Redemptoris Mater.

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COR16091 Palestrina Volume 1

Arguably the greatest composer of liturgical music of all time, Palestrina was a towering figure in Renaissance polyphony. On this disc The Sixteen explores some of the outstanding music he wrote for the Assumption including his Mass and Motet Assumpta est Maria.

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COR16092 Great British Choral Works

From Tallis’s monumental Spem in Alium and Sheppard’s Media Vita in morte sumus to the delights of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen and MacMillan’s powerfully emotive A Child’s Prayer written in memory of the Dunblane tragedy, this disc provides a superb collection of works from some of Britain’s most eminent composers.

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COR16093 Mozart Requiem

Mozart’s final moments are reflected through this masterpiece of drama, intensity and depth. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the Requiem’s commission (delivered by a ‘messenger in black’), and the fact it was left incomplete by a dying Mozart, have ensured a continued fascination with the work, one of the most enigmatic pieces of music ever composed.

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COR16095 J.S. Bach: Trio Sonatas for Organ

Continuing its work with the rising stars of the early music world, CORO is delighted to release a brand new recording by one of The Sixteen Orchestra’s principal members - organist Robert Quinney. Recorded at The Queen’s College, Oxford, on the beautiful Frobenius Organ (one of the most notable instruments of its kind in the country), the Trio Sonatas are among Bach's most popular and appealing organ works.

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COR16096 James MacMillan: Miserere

In 2011, Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continued their work with Scotland’s most prominent living composer, James MacMillan, and released the premiere recording of his exquisite Miserere, for the CORO label.

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COR16097 The Earth Resounds

Josquin, Brumel and Lassus were truly European composers, leaving their origins to work in the top establishments of Aix-en-Provence, Ferrara, Rome and Munich. Their music has a unique sonority which will astound you all - from the depth of expression and fascinating texts of Josquin (prepare yourselves for the surreal nature of Praeter rerum seriem) to the overtly decorative mass movements of Brumel’s Missa Et ecce terraemotus.

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COR16101 Selva morale e spirituale Volume II

Without doubt, Monteverdi was the greatest of the early baroque European composers. He revolutionised the music of the theatre and church by his dramatic and imaginative use of voices and instruments and daring harmonies and rhythms. Next to his Vespers of 1610, the Selva morale e spirituale is his most significant and virtuosic collection of sacred music.

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COR16103 Saul

Renowned for their Handel interpretations, Harry Christophers and his award-winning choir, The Sixteen, add to their glittering catalogue of Handel discs with this new recording of Saul. In his Biblical oratorio, Saul, Handel wrote an epic work of great and noble drama, and of thrilling musical inventiveness. He gifted singers with roles of vivid characterisation and the soloists on this disc are some of the finest Handelian interpreters of today.

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COR16104 Mozart: Coronation Mass

Mozart's Mass in C major is one of his most popular and enduring works. Known as the 'Coronation Mass' – a nickname it acquired following a performance conducted by Antonio Salieri in 1791 in Prague at the coronation of Leopold II as King of Bohemia – it includes the beautifully tender Agnus Dei.

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COR16105 Palestrina Volume 2

Following the success of the first volume in their Palestrina series which won the International Classical Music Award for Early Music, Harry Christophers and The Sixteen release the second recording in the series, this time based on the Nativity and festive Motet and Mass Hodie Christus Natus Est.

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COR16106 Palestrina Volume 3

A towering figure in Renaissance polyphony, Palestrina is arguably one of the greatest composers of Liturgical music of all time. Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continue their exploration of his work with a disc of music for the Easter period.

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COR16109 Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale Volume III

Without doubt, Monteverdi was the greatest of the early baroque European composers. He revolutionised the music of the theatre and church by his dramatic and imaginative use of voices and instruments and daring harmonies and rhythms. Next to his Vespers of 1610, the Selva morale e spirituale is his most significant and virtuosic collection of sacred music.

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COR16110 Bartłomiej Pękiel

Bartłomiej Pękiel was one of the most eminent Polish composers of choral music of the 17th century. He served at the court in Warsaw from around 1633 and was assistant to Marco Scacchi at the Chapel Royal in Warsaw before becoming Kapellmeister himself from 1645-1655 - the first non-Italian to hold the post. He then moved to Wawel Cathedral in Krakow where he wrote for the Rorantist vocal ensemble.

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COR16111 An Immortal Legacy

This disc features some of the best-loved classics of Tudor and Jacobean church music and madrigals by Tallis, Byrd and Gibbons. They are performed alongside pieces by Britten, Tippett and MacMillan including the Five Spirituals from A Child of Our Time and the 'Choral Dances' from Gloriana. The Sixteen has performed this repertoire around the world over the last six years and is one of the ensemble’s most popular concert programmes.

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COR16112 J.S. Bach - Organ Works Vol. II

Continuing its work with the rising stars of the early music world, CORO is delighted to be releasing its second recording with one of The Sixteen Orchestra's principal members - Robert Quinney. This new album, which was recorded at Trinity College, Cambridge, on the beautiful Metzler Organ, features a number of virtuosic works from Bach's early years including one of the most famous pieces of organ music in the repertory.

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COR16113 Haydn: Symphonies No. 6 & No. 82

This disc showcases one of Haydn’s Paris Symphonies, No. 82 L’ours, a festive and jubilant work commissioned by a Parisian orchestra in the 1780s, as well as one of his earlier symphonies, No. 6 Le matin, which is characterised by unusual virtuoso writing across the orchestral ensemble. Completing the disc is Haydn’s Violin Concerto in G major performed by The Handel and Haydn’s fiery and expressive Concertmaster, Aisslinn Nosky.

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COR16114 Palestrina Volume 4

A towering figure in Renaissance polyphony, Palestrina is arguably one of the greatest composers of liturgical music of all time. Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continue their exploration of his work with the fourth disc in their celebrated series. This album features a selection of Palestrina’s music for Christmas including his largely unknown masterpiece, the Missa O magnum mysterium.

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COR16115 J.S. Bach: Lutheran Masses - Volume I

Despite their name, the four Lutheran Masses feature almost no Lutheran material. Sometimes called ‘Missa brevis’, musically they are almost entirely made up of movements borrowed from Bach’s Cantatas but, while they are often overshadowed by the more famous Mass in B minor, the beauty of these short Masses is that they represent Bach’s own choice of his finest Cantata movements.

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COR16116 Ikon of Light: Special Commemorative Edition

Sir John Tavener was one of Britain’s leading composers of the last 50 years. To commemorate his extraordinary life and works The Sixteen is re-releasing its acclaimed recording Ikon of Light with a newly commissioned booklet essay.

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COR16117 Joy to the World: An American Christmas

CORO is delighted to announce the first studio recording with the Handel and Haydn Society. The disc, which is a co-production with WGBH and was recorded at their studios in Boston in January, features an eclectic selection of Christmas music including traditional carols using American tunes and Christmas motets by Charles Ives and contemporary American composer, James Bassi.

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COR16118 The Queen of Heaven

This CD features all the music from The Choral Pilgrimage 2013 tour including the new version of Allegri’s Miserere.

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COR16119 The Voice of the Turtle Dove

The Sixteen returns to its grass roots and revisits the golden age of Renaissance polyphony in England for the repertoire of its latest disc. In this new programme the award-winning ensemble presents a stunning selection of music by Richard Davy, John Sheppard and William Mundy.

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COR16120 J.S. Bach: Lutheran Masses - Volume II

Volume II completes The Sixteen’s mini-series and features Bach’s Lutheran Masses in G major (BWV 236) and A major (BWV 234) plus the Cantata BWV 79 ‘Gott der Herr ist Sonn’ und Schild’. This cantata was written in Leipzig in 1725 for Reformation Day and parodies from it appear in both of the featured Masses.

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COR16121 Handel: Jephtha

Renowned for their Handel interpretations, Harry Christophers and his award-winning ensemble, The Sixteen, add to their glittering catalogue of Handel discs with this new recording of Jephtha. The last oratorio that he wrote, Jephtha is also often seen as his most profound; the portrayal of Jephtha's suffering is particularly noteworthy for its astonishing sincerity.

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COR16122 Music of the Kingdom

This new compilation from The Sixteen brings together some of the finest works written for, and in celebration of, Monarchs and the Kingdom. From Turges in the 1400s to Britten in the 20th century, whether for magnificent state occasions or private devotion, the Kings and Queens of Great Britain have inspired and patronized some of our finest and most enduring music.

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COR16123 The Blossoming Vine: Italian Maestri in Poland

The second in The Sixteen’s series of Polish music, conducted by Associate Conductor Eamonn Dougan, explores works by three of the Italian maestri who flourished at the court of King Sigismund III during the late 16th and early 17th centuries: Vincenzo Bertolusi, Giovanni Francesco Anerio and Asprilio Pacelli.

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COR16124 Palestrina Volume 5

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continue their exploration of Palestrina's great work with the fifth disc in their celebrated series. This album features a selection of Palestrina’s music for Pentecost including his Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat. Alongside the Mass are motets from the Song of Songs.

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COR16126 Monteverdi: Vespers of 1610

The Sixteen and Harry Christophers release a work often classed as one of the most significant collections of sacred music ever written: Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610. It is a work grand in conception and structure; revolutionary techniques established in his secular music, such as recitar cantando - speak through singing - are brought to the church platform with stunning effect.

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COR16127 Spirit, Strength & Sorrow

Spirit Strength and Sorrow is the fascinating result of The Sixteen’s third major collaboration with the Genesis Foundation and features three new works by contemporary composers, all settings of the Stabat Mater text: Alissa Firsova, Tõnu Kõrvits and Matthew Martin. The Stabat Mater is, in conductor Harry Christophers’ view, without doubt the most powerful poem of the liturgy and one which has inspired composers through the ages.

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COR16128 Flight of Angels

The Sixteen take a trip back to 16th-century Spain and more specifically to one of the biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan cities on earth - Seville. It was during this 'golden age', when arts and culture flourished, that Francisco Guerrero and Alonso Lobo made their mark. Between them these two composers captured an astonishing variety of moods within their music, from ecstasy and joy to despair, longing and devotional stillness.

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COR16129 Purcell: The Indian Queen

Henry Purcell was a brilliant music dramatist and in The Indian Queen there is a plethora of detail, colour and characterisation to be explored in every symphony, air and dance. Purcell's instrumental writing leaps off the page with string writing that is second to none and a wealth of variety capped by exquisite writing for trumpet, oboes and recorders.

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COR16130 Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki

The third disc in The Sixteen’s acclaimed series of Polish music, conducted by Associate Conductor, Eamonn Dougan, explores the work of Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki (1665–1734). Regarded as the outstanding Polish composer of the high baroque, Gorczycki studied in Prague and Vienna in his early years and returned to Kraków in 1690. He was appointed Magister capellae at Wawel Cathedral in 1698, a position he held until his death.

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COR16132 J.S. Bach: Organ Works Vol. III

Following two highly acclaimed recordings, CORO is delighted to be releasing its third album with one of The Sixteen Orchestra’s principal members - organist Robert Quinney. This new album was recorded at Trinity College, Cambridge, on the beautiful Metzler Organ, and features as its centrepiece the wonderful Einige Canonische Veränderungen über das Weynachts-Lied ‘Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her’ (BWV 769).

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COR16133 Palestrina Volume 6

The Sixteen continues its acclaimed series of discs exploring the work of Italian Renaissance master, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Central to this sixth disc is Palestrina’s unjustly neglected 5-voice L’Homme armé Mass. Written before 1570, it is no mere technical showpiece, but contains music of the highest quality.

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COR16134 Poetry in Music

Does music add substance to words or is music inspired by them? Songs of departure and farewell are deeply rooted in the great tradition of British choral music, nourished by ancient myths of testing journeys, wayside transformations and homecomings. In a journey covering six centuries of musical history, The Sixteen performs a cappella anthems with powerful texts by writers as varied as Edmund Spenser, Christopher Fry and W.H. Auden.

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COR16135 The Creation

Inspired by Haydn’s trips to England, where he first heard Handel’s oratorios, The Creation is widely considered Haydn’s crowning masterpiece. Set for three vocal soloists, four-part chorus, and a large Classical orchestra, there seems little doubt that Haydn wanted a big sound for this work. Based on both the biblical Book of Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost, the oratorio was premiered in the US by the Handel and Haydn Society in 1819.

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COR16138 Beethoven: Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin Volume 1

Susanna Ogata and Ian Watson join forces to record the complete Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin of Ludwig van Beethoven in four instalments. The first CD features Beethoven's Fourth Sonata, Op. 23 in A minor, as well as the revolutionary ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata, his ninth, Op. 47 in A major – a blazing landmark in violin virtuosity and classical music repertoire.

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COR16139 Haydn: Symphonies No. 7 & No. 83

Harry Christophers and the Handel and Haydn Society present a new live recording devoted to the master of the symphony. The album showcases Haydn’s Symphony No. 7 Le midi which is amongst the most striking of his early symphonies. It is set alongside the much later Paris Symphony No. 83 La poule. Completing the programme is the Violin Concerto in C major performed by H+H’s fiery and expressive Concertmaster, Aisslinn Nosky.

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COR16140 The Deer's Cry

Whilst coming from very different eras, William Byrd and Arvo Pärt are both considered masters of sacred music despite having faced considerable persecution for their work. This programme presents six of William Byrd’s works from the Cantiones Sacrae including the monumental Tribue, Domine. The three works by Arvo Pärt speak in his unmistakable voice, and include his Nunc dimittis which is crafted in his bell-like ‘tinitinnabuli’ style.

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COR16141 Helper and Protector: Italian Maestri in Poland

The fourth volume in this highly acclaimed series, conducted by The Sixteen’s Associate Conductor, Eamonn Dougan, explores the music of Italian composers working in the Polish court during the reign of Sigismund III Vasa. The centrepiece of this album is the premiere recording of Marenzio’s exquisite Missa super Iniquos odio habui.

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COR16142 Monteverdi: Messa a quattro voci et salmi of 1650 Volume I

Monteverdi’s sacred vocal compositions introduced the expression of powerful and personal emotions to the world of church music. His music is regarded as revolutionary, marking the change from the Renaissance style to that of the Baroque. This album includes some of the finest works from his years as director of music at St Mark’s in Venice, published posthumously in 1650.

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COR16143 Beethoven: Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin Volume 2

Susanna Ogata, violin, and Ian Watson, fortepiano, join forces to record the complete Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin of Ludwig van Beethoven in four installments. The second CD in the series features Beethoven's tenth Sonata, Op. 96 in G major, as well as the exquisite ‘Spring’ Sonata, his fifth, Op. 24 in F major.

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COR16962 Handel: Messiah

Handel's Messiah was composed in a staggering twenty-four days and first performed in Dublin in 1742 where it received a rapturous welcome. Not so the following year when it premiered in London to a distinctly hostile reception. It wasn’t until Messiah began to be presented in charity performances at the Foundling Hospital in London that the public started to embrace the work we now regard as Handel’s greatest composition.

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