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Welcome to The Sixteen’s new Digital Shop! Here you can purchase our bestselling albums as CD-quality and high-quality downloads. We aim to make the rest of The Sixteen’s catalogue available for download in the near future. If you can’t find the album you are looking for here, please go to our CD Shop where it is available for purchase as a physical disc. Please note that physical CDs fromwww.thesixteen.com and downloads from www.thesixteendigital.com cannot currently be purchased in a single transaction, they must be purchased separately.

All prices quoted on our website are inclusive of VAT at the UK rate of 20%. Please note that as of January 2015, all digital purchases are subject to new EU VAT legislation which states that the rate of taxation will be determined by the rate of taxation in the consumer’s EU state.

‘Please note that our files cannot easily be downloaded directly to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or similar Android devices because they are large and packaged as a zip file. To listen to our music on your mobile device, please download the files to your computer, add them to your iTunes (or similar) music library and sync your device(s).

If you have any questions you can review our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact US.

Thank you for visiting The Sixteen’s new Digital site and we hope you enjoy browsing!


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