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agilent授权代理销售 Zorbax Fast pH Mthd

简要描述:安捷伦科技有限公司是一家多元化的高科技跨国公司,它于1999年从惠普研发有限合伙公司中分离出来,主要致力于通讯和生命科学两个领域内产品的研制开发、生产销售和技术服务等工作。agilent授权代理销售 Zorbax Fast pH Mthd

  • 产品型号:Devel.Kit
  • 厂商性质:生产厂家
  • 更新时间:2019-04-01
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agilent授权代理销售 Zorbax Fast pH Mthd

agilent授权代理销售 Zorbax Fast pH Mthd



G2258-87102Twin needle seat assy for G2258A4,689.88AA
G2258-87300Buffer Loop Tubing  Assy, PTFE592.76AA
G2258-87301Capillary inj valve to preparative head830.56AA
G2258-87307Drawing Tube Assy for flush solvent973.24AA
G2258-87310Waste tube, 0.8 mm id, 15 cm long395.56AA
G2258-87312Front seat tube PTFE 0.25mm id 10cm long532.44AA
G2258-87313Back seat tube PTFE 0.25mm id 12 cm long532.44AA
G2258-87314Tubing assy, solvent flush for G2258A599.72AA
G2258-87315Back Seat Tube, SST 0.5 mm id 12 cm long517.36AA
G2258-87316Front seat tube SST 0.5 mm id 10 cm long517.36AA
G2260-687115ml Multi draw loop for use with G2260A3,999.68AA
G2260-87101Needle seat for G2260A autosampler1,491.76AA
G2260-87201Needle assy for G2260-87101 needle seat1,764.36AA
G2260-87300Capillary sampler to column, SST798.08AA
G2260-87301Capillary pump to sampler,SST40cm,0.50mm766.76AA
G2350-61090Discharge Tube Kit for G2350586.96AA
G2397-20540Micro ECD Mixing Liner533.60AA
G2397-60510Micro ECD Assy27,924.68AA
G2397-60515MicroECD Assy.-Japan Labeled32,986.92AA
G2397-80520Micro ECD Mug Adapter8,603.72AA
G2421-60001ESI Tuning Mix2,394.24AA
G2425AAPCI Negative Ion Performance Standard1,867.60AA
G2427AAPI-ES Nebulizer needle (ea)2,234.16AA
G2428AAPCI Nebulizer Needle (ea)2,192.40AA
G2431AESI Tuning Mix for Ion Trap2,267.80AA
G2440-60200Ceramic Channel Electron Multiplier AY28,484.96AA
G2441-80010Electron Multiplier Ceramic Channel23,342.68AA
G2455-85001HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit2,229.52AA
G2571-80103Electron multiplier horn, high gain20,213.00AA
G2581-80875TS800 Tip Seal Replacement Kit6,023.88AA
G2589-200435973 Inert/Ultra Ion Source Body8,471.48AA
G2589-20044Repeller, 59751,779.44AA
G2589-20045Drawout Plate, 6mm, inert, 5975/59731,716.80AA
G2589-20100Drawout Plate, 3mm, for inert source1,579.92AA
G2589-20101Inert Source Washer961.64AA
G2617-60507PTV Septumless head, 689039,441.16AA
G2617-80550PTV COL ADAPTER TUBE1,228.44AA
G2630-60710Oven exhaust deflector for 68502,350.16AA
G2855-20530Internal Nut,CFT Capillary fitting313.20AA
G2855-20532Internal nut, CFT 1/16inch SS fitting346.84AA
G2855-20590Column storage fitting469.80AA
G2855-60200Ferrule Pre-Swage Tool,Capillary Flow1,755.08AA
G2855-60570Plug for microfluidic manifold or unions639.16AA
G2860AStandard 5973/75 Extended Linearity Appl37,227.88AA
G3138-65000ISIS Tubing kit21,210.60AA
G3138-65117Rotor Seal for Valve,ISIS2,657.56AA
G3138-65118Nut for valve, ISIS, 6/pk1,052.12AA
G3138-65119Ferrule for valve, ISIS, 6/pk1,266.72AA
G3138-65121Mixer for ISIS2,623.92AA
G3138-65122Sample loop, 100 uL, ISIS1,250.48AA
G3138-65125Plastic Tray ISIS769.08AA
G3138-65129Plug for Cross Joint, 3pcs.823.60AA
G3138-65138Tubing for Gas Line,PTFE,3.0mm ID,5m1,135.64AA
G3138-65139Reducing Union Connector,6mm x 3mm,ISIS1,042.84AA
G3138-65140Reducing Union Connector,6mm x 4mm,ISIS1,095.04AA
G3138-65141Plug for Carrier Gas Connector,3/Pk,ISIS736.60AA
G3138-65144Reducing Union connector,8mm x 4mm, ISIS1,305.00AA
G3138-65157Ferrule for 0.25 mm id pump tubing1,860.64AA
G3138-65158ISIS Tubing adapter (ISTD/peripump)1,531.20AA
G3139-68000Microflow neb. PFA(200) w/SPS4 probe kit26,108.12AA
G3154-65001As speciation column for drinking water32,995.04AA
G3154-65002Guard column for AS speciation13,964.08AA
G3154-90011As Speciation Analysis Handbook923.36AA
G3154-96011As Speciation Analysis Handbook (JP)923.36AA
G3158-60010PFA tube 1/8inch, 2 m527.80AA
G3158-65002SS Pipe,1/16in,with connector,GC-ICP-MS8,969.12AA
G3158-65004Ferrule kit for GC-ICP-MS Interface4,935.80AA
G3158-65005Graphite ferrule for GC-ICP-MS Interface3,369.80AA
G3158-65008Alignment Boss GC-ICP-MS963.96AA
G3158-65009Ball Joint GC-ICP-MS7,847.40AA
G3158-80060Transfer line for GC-ICP-MS Interface34,555.24AA
G3158-80074Torch for GC-ICP-MS Interface28,522.08AA
G3158-80080Pre-heating pipe w/connector GC-ICP-MS9,976.00AA
G3158-80081Stainless steel pipe, 1/16 in GC-ICP-MS4,758.32AA
G3158-80150Injector assembly, GC-ICP-MS interface54,746.20AA
G3158-90021GC Interface Manual923.36AA
G3160-60015Holder for carry tray cover, I-AS14,663.56AA
G3160-65306PFA needle 0.3 mm id, std probe for I-AS6,458.88AA
G3160-65307External rinse bottle 100mL, w/caps, 6/p1,016.16AA
G3160-65320Rinse solution inlet/outlet tubing, I-AS1,197.12AA
G3160-65321Tray Cover,I-AS1,930.24AA
G3160-65324PFA Needle, 0,8 mm ID6,502.96AA
G3160-65325Tubing holder, PEEK, micro flow neb.1,419.84AA
G3160-65328Drain tube to rinse + drain bottles I-AS261.00AA
G3160-67000Drain tube Tygon, 3/32 x 5/32, 5m377.00AA
G3160-80041Needle holder for I-AS984.84AA
G3160-80043Washing bottle,I-AS1,318.92AA
G3160-80060I-AS tray A, 89 positions for 6 mL vials8,958.68AA
G3160-80061I-AS Tray B, 53 positions for 18mL vials8,958.68AA
G3160-80062I-AS Tray C, 18 positions for 50mL vials7,905.40AA
G3160-80063I-AS tray D, 79x2mL + 10x18mL positions8,958.68AA
G3160-80064I-AS tray E, 79x6mL + 10x18mL positions8,958.68AA
G3160-80065I-AS Tray F, 15 places for 48mm od vials8,958.68AA
G3160-80066I-AS Tray G, 28 positions for 20mL vials8,958.68AA
G3160-80200Serial-USB Converter cable for I-AS1,817.72AA
G3160-90021Integrated Autosampler (I-AS) Manual923.36AA
G3160-96021Integrated Autosampler (I-AS) Manl (JP)923.36AA
G3163-20530Drawout Plate, 6mm, 5973/59754,126.12AA
G3169-60170Anodized Repeller Assembly (SST)10,857.60AA
G3170-20126Entrance Lens Assembly (HM)1,518.44AA
G3170-20430CI Source Body - Chamfer9,080.48AA
G3170-20530Lens insulator,597X MSD4,706.12AA
G3170-20540CI Lens Insulator1,670.40AA
G3170-601715975C Inert EI 350 Repeller Assembly10,782.20AA
G3170-601725975C SST EI 350 Repeller Assembly8,651.28AA
G3170-604165977 CI 350 Repeller Heater assembly6,686.24AA
G3170-800025975 Calibrant Bulb1,151.88AA
G3170-80006Foreline Pump Exhaust Fitting1,404.76AA
G3170-80103Triple axis electron multiplier, 597520,225.76AA
G3170-80105Triple Axis Detector Assy,5975 Ceramic25,195.20AA
G3182-20580Capillary Column Union, Non-deactivated876.96AA
G3182-60581UI Ultra Inert Union No Fittings1,822.36AA
G3182-61580Ultimate Union Kit, Deactivated3,628.48AA
G3182-61581Ultimate Union Kit, non-deactivated2,785.16AA
G3184-60065Tee,inert for capillary flow technology3,364.00AA
G3185-60300QuickSwap Restrictor Variety Pack2,819.96AA
G3185-60362QuickSwap Restrictor, 0.100 ID, 4 Pack1,567.16AA
G3185-60363QuickSwap Restrictor, 0.110 ID, 4 Pack1,567.16AA
G3187-60065Union-on-Plate, inert4,286.20AA
G3199CQuiet Cover II37,503.96AA
G3268-80001Cr speciation column for drinking water14,480.28AA
G3270-65035Stainless steel tubing, 1/8in od, 6m2,581.00AA
G3270-67003Sampling Cone,Nickel Plated10,589.64AA
G3270-80024Quartz connector tube, dilution, HMI kit2,906.96AA
G3280-01507Interface wrench for Sampling cone708.76AA
G3280-01650Omega bias lens for ICP-MS x-lens6,067.96AA
G3280-20504Retaining ring, sampling cone, ICP-MS4,065.80AA
G3280-20576Plug for dilution port (1/8 inch)230.84AA
G3280-20618Cell entrance lens, ICP-MS, 1/pk3,026.44AA
G3280-20628Deflect lens, ICP-MS, 1/pk3,824.52AA
G3280-20633Cell focus lens, ICP-MS, 1/pk2,484.72AA
G3280-20646Omega bias lens for s-lens, ICP-MS5,476.36AA
G3280-20653Omega lens for s-lens, ICP-MS3,312.96AA
G3280-20663Tubing for reaction cell gas, 1/pk918.72AA
G3280-20664Cell exit lens, ICP-MS. 1/pk.2,529.96AA
G3280-40103Sample tray for ICP-MS, 1/pk.1,133.32AA
G3280-60077Tygon tubing (3m), for ICP-MS1,069.52AA
G3280-60160Ar gas tubing kit,7700x/e + 7900 ICP-MS5,435.76AA
G3280-60163Ar gas tubing kit 7700s, 8800+7900 s/con10,871.52AA
G3280-60381Offset skimmer assembly, 1pk.12,075.60AA
G3280-60502Interface wrench, skimmer cone removal1,445.36AA
G3280-60555Drain tubing assembly for ICP-MS1,872.24AA
G3280-60580Organic solvent introduction kit, ICP-MS31,619.28AA
G3280-60590On-line Int Standard addition kit ICP-MS9,799.68AA
G3280-60609Omega lens for x-lens, ICP-MS, 1/pk4,682.92AA
G3280-60612Extraction lens 1 for x-lens for ICP-MS3,372.12AA
G3280-60613Extraction lens 2 for x-lens for ICP-MS3,372.12AA
G3280-60615Plate bias for ICP-MS2,424.40AA
G3280-60671Offset skimmer tool, ICP-MS, 1/pk14,394.44AA
G3280-60910Maintenance Video/DVD for ICP-MS602.04AA
G3280-67003Basic Supplies 77/79/8800, Inland 45 oil14,984.88AA
G3280-67004Comprehensive Supplies 7700x+e/8800123,082.96AA
G3280-67007Comprehensive Supplies 7700s/8800semicon150,755.92AA
G3280-67022Carrier/Make-up/Dilution gas tubing1,039.36AA
G3280-67023Plasma/Aux gas tubing with inner sleeve424.56AA
G3280-67035Extraction-Omega lens assy for s-lens15,448.88AA
G3280-67037Screw and spacer kit for x-lens, ICP-MS6,254.72AA
G3280-67038Screw and spacer kit for s-lens, ICP-MS6,334.76AA
G3280-67039Extraction-Offset lens assy for x-lens13,766.88AA
G3280-67044Screw/Spacer/O-ring for cell, ICP-MS4,931.16AA
G3280-67045Octopole assembly, ICP-MS, 1/pk10,566.44AA
G3280-67046Manual vent valve for ICP-MS, 1/pk2,017.24AA
G3280-67062T-Joint with Earth block for ICP-MS, 1/p6,504.12AA
G3280-67085Comprehensive Supplies 7700e, Inland 45123,082.96AA
G3280-67110Spacer (deflect/plate b.), 4/pk383.96AA
G3280-67221Basic Supplies 77/78/79/88/8900, AVF 6014,984.88AA
G3280-80503Special spray Chamber (long arm), ICP-MS15,358.40AA
G3280-900087700 Hardware Maintenance Manual451.24AA
G3280-960087700 ICP-MS H/ware maintenance manual-JP451.24AA
G3288-80000As speciation column for ICP-MS41,822.64AA
G3292-80010Poly-Clear fluid (for G3292A Chiller)2,735.28AA
G3292-80109Fluid Filter (for G3292A Chiller)571.88AA
G3292-80112Air Filter for G3292A Chiller707.60AA
G3430-60018Cryogenic Valve, Liquid N27,582.92AA
G3431-60680FID Ignitor Cable99.76AA
G3432-60220TCD Base Assembly - Tested31,547.36AA
G3433-63100Micro ECD Mug Adapter Weldment7,044.68AA
G3434-60806NPD Blos bead10,010.80AA
G3435-60330FPD+ Exit Tube Assembly3,306.00AA
G3435-60350Packed-Capillary Adapter Assembly3,948.64AA
G3436-67000FPD+ Dual PM Kit6,656.08AA
G3440-20022Inert Draw Out 9.0mm, Inconel4,669.00AA
G3440-60234UM+ Tube 1/16 in 0.020 in x 1000mm CPM2,266.64AA
G3452-60570Cap Inlet Shell Weldment,7890, Inert9,002.76AA
G3452-60586Capillary Insert Weldment, Inert, 789010,165.08AA
G3452-60730Split/Splitless Inlet Insert w/Vent Full4,811.68AA
G3452-60835Septum Retainer Nut for Transfer Line828.24AA
G3480-675857890 Insert Weldment Assembly, Valves6,816.16AA
G3510-20018Column Nut Adapter - Graphite760.96AA
G3660-900038800 ICP-MS Hardware Maintenance Manual451.24AA
G3666-20391Blank plug for dilution port, PTFE, 8900230.84AA
G3666-20404Omega lens 8900 ICP-MS with s-lens, 1/pk4,682.92AA
G3666-20405Omega bias lens, 8900 with s-lens, 1/pk6,067.96AA
G3666-40104Sample tray for 8900 Series ICP-MS, 1/pk1,133.32AA
G3666-60301Skimmer base assy, 8900 with x-lens, SUS5,962.40AA
G3666-60302Extraction lens 1, 8900 ICP-MS w/ x-lens4,566.92AA
G3666-60303Extraction lens 2, 8900 ICP-MS w/x-lens3,596.00AA
G3666-60311Skimmer base, brass, for 8900 w/x-lens5,962.40AA
G3666-60401Skimmer base assy, 8900 w/s-lens, brass6,775.56AA
G3666-60402Extraction lens 1, 8900 ICP-MS w/s-lens4,566.92AA
G3666-60403Extraction lens 2, 8900 ICP-MS w/s-lens3,596.00AA
G3666-60502Extraction lens 1 for m-lens for ICP-MS7,785.92AA
G3666-60503Extraction lens 2 for m-lens for ICP-MS7,785.92AA
G3666-60601Skimmer base assy, 8900 w/retro-s, brass6,775.56AA
G3666-67038Screw + spacer kit, 8900 with s/m/c-lens6,334.76AA
G3666-67044Screw/Spacer/Oring for 8900 non-AA cell4,931.16AA
G3666-67045Octopole assembly, 8900 with axial accel27,379.48AA
G3666-67046Octopole assembly 8900 w/out axial accel11,762.40AA
G3666-67141ORS cell assembly, 8900 with axial accel42,410.76AA
G3666-67142ORS cell assembly 8900 w/out axial accel34,781.44AA
G3666-67300Extraction-Omega lens assy for x-lens6,543.56AA
G3666-67400Extraction-Omega lens assy for s-lens15,448.88AA
G3666-67500Extraction-Omega lens assy for m-lens19,404.48AA
G3666-67600Extraction-Omega lens assy for c-lens15,448.88AA
G3690AConfigurable supplies kit for 7700/880087,613.64AA
G3690AAdd Ni sampling cone for x-lens, 1/pk6,260.52AA
G3690AAdd Ni plated sampling cone, x-lens,1/pk8,890.24AA
G3690AAdd Pt sampling cone for s-lens, 1/pk30,472.04AA
G3690AAdd Ni skimmer cone for x-lens, 1/pk5,245.52AA
G3690AAdd Pt skimmer cone for x-lens, 1/pk20,286.08AA
G3690AAdd Inland 45 oil + filter, Edwards pump0.00AA
G3690AAdd AVF 60 SHCE oil + filter, MS40+ pump3,797.84AA
G3850-60021LE-EI Filament8,593.28AA
G3850-80650Exhaust Deflector Assembly, GC/QTOF9,036.40AA
G3870-20440Extraction Source Body9,336.84AA
G3870-20444Extraction Lens, 3mm2,048.56AA
G3870-20445Insulator, Extraction Lens Ring2,184.28AA
G3870-20448Extraction Lens, 6mm1,897.76AA
G3870-20449Extraction Lens, 9mm1,897.76AA
G3870-20530Extraction Lens Insulator4,894.04AA
G3870-671715977 Extraction EI 350 Repeller Assembly10,993.32AA
G3870-671725977 SST EI 350 Repeller Assembly8,810.20AA
G3870-671735977 EI Inert 350 Repeller Assembly10,978.24AA
G3970AInert Flow Path Upgrade kit, 789013,163.68AA
G4204-40000Clamp for in-line filter102.08AA
G4204-40005PEEK seal for inlet weaver assembly438.48AA
G4204-60004Outlet filter 1290 quat-pump3,379.08AA
G4204-60022Inlet Valve 1290 quat-pump2,735.28AA
G4204-68000Switchable Jet Weaver Mixer Upgrade Kit16,381.52AA
G4204-68035Jet Weaver Mixer Kit V35 Quat/Flex13,309.84AA
G4204-68100Jet Weaver Mixer Kit V100 Quat/Flex13,309.84AA
G4204-68380Jet Weaver Mixer Kit V380 Quat/Flex13,309.84AA
G4204-81090Low pressure mixer assembly5,704.88AA
G4208-68700USB Memory Stick for G4208A,917.56AA
G4212-60007Max-Light Cartridge Cell 60mm37,377.52AA
G4212-60008Max-Light Cartridge Cell 10mm34,717.64AA
G4212-60011Max-Light Cartridge Test Cell26,594.16AA
G4212-60022Pressure relief valve10,167.40AA
G4212-60032Max-Light Cartridge Cell 3.7 mm HDR40,037.40AA
G4212-60038Max-Light Cartridge Cell 10 mm ULD46,685.36AA
G4212-68001Agilent Inline Pressure Relief Valve Kit12,900.36AA
G4216-68711Large volume injection kit for 12901,272.52AA
G4218-20000Standard Flow Nebulizer25,816.96AA
G4218-20001Semi Micro Flow nebulizer24,587.36AA
G4218-20004RRLC Nebulizer for G4218A ELSD detector29,721.52AA
G4218-40000Nebulization chamber,glass4,594.76AA
G4218-40010Black plastic nut, 13mm dia-glassware1,042.84AA
G4218-40011Black plastic nut, 22mm dia-glassware1,042.84AA
G4218-40100Drain tube with stainless steel fitting2,487.04AA
G4218-40110Black exhaust tube,2.5m1,279.48AA
G4218-40150Cartridge 0.01 um for gas regulator1,419.84AA
G4218-40220Pneumatic tube with SS fitting,check709.92AA
G4218-60100Gas regulator w filter 0.01um, manometer5,237.40AA
G4218-68010Seal kit for nebulization chamber1,421.00AA
G4220-20001Spacer Fitting467.48AA
G4220-20020Internal gold seal for 1290 outlet valve134.56AA
G4220-60006Jet Weaver, 35 ul/100 ul16,381.52AA
G4220-60007Bottle Head Assembly1,199.44AA
G4220-60012Jet Weaver 380 ul9,038.72AA
G4220-60015Support ring integrated for 1290 pump3,176.08AA
G4220-60016Seal holder integrated for 1290 pump4,546.04AA
G4220-60017Bottle Head Assembly Ultra Clean Tubing963.96AA
G4220-60022Inlet Valve2,896.52AA
G4220-60028Outlet Valve 1290 Infinity pump5,090.08AA
G4220-60035Tubing kit 140mm, 2/pk614.80AA
G4220-60070Tubing Kit 140mm - Ultra Clean Tubing526.64AA
G4220-60117Bottle Head Assembly UCT StreamSelect2,752.68AA
G4220-601221290 Infinity inlet valve type N4,359.28AA
G4220-601281290 Infinity outlet valve type N6,801.08AA
G4220-63010Support ring 1290 InfinityLC w/seal wash1,697.08AA
G4220-68070Ultra Clean Tubing Kit for G4220A5,338.32AA
G4220-87000Capillary interconnect assembly1,930.24AA
G4226-60021Micro Vial Tray13,016.36AA
G4226-60301SST Cap. 0.17mm ID 160mm pre-swaged1,887.32AA
G4226-60310Loop assembly4,651.60AA
G4226-67001Door repair kit for 1290 sampler2,150.64AA
G4226-68735PM KIT for HiP Sampler G4226A18,282.76AA
G4226-68740PM Kit G4226A, low dispersion20,331.32AA
G4226-87012Seat assembly 0.12mm 1290 Infinity LC5,090.08AA
G4226-87030Seat Assembly ULD for G4226A5,806.96AA
G4226-87201Needle Assembly2,369.88AA
G4226-87211Needle Assembly ULD3,335.00AA
G4236-600102D-LC Pressure Release Kit26,327.36AA
G4240-23705Rotor, Inner Valve, 3grooves, Chip LC12,372.56AA
G4240-25206Rotor Outer Valve, 5grooves, Chip LC12,372.56AA
G4240-43200PEEK fitting,special for Chip-LC300.44AA
G4240-64025mAB-Glyco Enablement Kit10,531.64AA
G4240-87300Fused Silica/PEEK Capillary, 15um 90cm2,296.80AA
G4240-87301Fused Silica/PEEK Capillary 25um,105cm2,296.80AA
G4240-87302Fused Silica/PEEK Cap 100um,100cm2,296.80AA
G4240-87303Fused Silica/PEEK Cap 75um,100cm2,296.80AA
G4240-87304Fused Silica/PEEK capillary 50um 50cm1,582.24AA
G4240-87309PEEK capillary, 25um x 105cm1,974.32AA
G4240-87310PEEK Capillary, 25um x 10cm1,243.52AA
G4267-60300Loop cartridge 20ul,right3,775.80AA
G4267-60301Loop 20ul Left Dual-Needle2,193.56AA
G4267-60311Loop 20ul right Dual-Needle3,071.68AA
G4267-60400Loop cartridge 40 ul, right4,240.96AA
G4267-60401Loop 40ul Left Dual-Needle2,339.72AA
G4267-60411Loop 40ul right Dual-Needle2,939.44AA
G4267-60500Loop cartridge 100 ul, right4,311.72AA
G4267-60501Loop 100ul Left Dual-Needl2,487.04AA
G4267-60511Loop 100ul Right Dual-Needle3,379.08AA
G4267-87012High Pressure Needle Seat 0.12mm PEEK3,361.68AA
G4267-87020High Pressure Seat Assembly 0.075mm2,339.72AA
G4267-87201Needle Assembly for G7167 Multisampler4,210.80AA
G4267-87210Needle assembly 900ul for G71673,335.00AA
G4277-60602DLW-2 Loop Assembly8,905.32AA
G4280-60004Dual channel gradient valve8,629.24AA
G4280-60029Solvent selection valve for 11207,225.64AA
G4280-60034Tubing,PTFE,16cm with fittings,3mm od128.76AA
G4280-60500Passive inlet valve replacement kit3,919.64AA
G4280-67304LC pump connecting tube,PTFE417.60AA
G4280-68708Solvent selection valve kit f. 1120/12208,922.72AA
G4280-68710PM Kit 1120 Compact LC,Manual Injector3,817.56AA
G4280-68730PM Kit 1120 Compact LC,Auto Injector6,157.28AA
G4280-68750PM Kit for 1220 LC with manual5,893.96AA
G4280-68770PM Kit for 1220 LC with ALS11,481.68AA
G4280-81300Capillary,damper 1,SS,0.6mm id662.36AA
G4280-81301Capillary,damper 2,SS,0.6mm id662.36AA
G4301-20101Piston SFC Booster3,802.48AA
G4301-Viv体育0Seal SFC Booster2,633.20AA
G4301-60056Capillary SFC BoosterPump out1,316.60AA
G4301-60100Flow cell for 1260 Infinity SFC18,605.24AA
G4301-60120Wash Pump Check Valve PKG OF 21,497.56AA
G4301-60130Wash Pump Piston Assy7,067.88AA
G4301-60140Wash Pump Seal Kit for 1260 Infinity SFC1,451.16AA
G4301-60150Wash Pump Transfer Line5,279.16AA
G4301-60160Wash Pump Transfer Line (EVO)1,572.96AA
G4301-60200Flow Cell SFC-LD26,327.36AA
G4301-60230Check Valve Holder (A5)2,708.60AA
G4301-60240Check Valve Gasket, 5pk1,734.20AA
G4301-60241Check Valve Gasket Outlet1,202.92AA
G4301-60250A5 Pump Seals, for 1260 Infinity SFC,2pk2,723.68AA
G4301-60260Booster Pump Head for 1260 Infinity SFC4,283.88AA
G4301-60300CO2 Supply Line for 1260 Infinity SFC4,505.44AA
G4301-60310Pump Transfer Line for 1260 Infinity SFC1,170.44AA
G4301-60320Return Transfer Line1,132.16AA
G4301-60350Tee for Valco for 1260 Infinity SFC2,760.80AA
G4301-60501Low Dispersion Nozzle Assembly67,110.64AA
G4302-60066Inlet Valve for SFC Pump4,855.76AA
G4309-68000SFC MS connection Kit5,747.80AA
G4309-68715SFC/MS Splitter Kit23,403.00AA
G4332-602207820 TCD Support Part38,029.44AA
G4352-60570Deactivation Cap Shell Weldment3,935.88AA
G4513-20561Mounting post for 7693 and 7650 ALS828.24AA
G4513-40525Needle support insert, standard, 7693292.32AA
G4513-40529Needle support insert, on column, 7693365.40AA
G4514-60710Gripper finger caps for 7693552.16AA
G4514-67505Vial rack kit, 3 Racks, 3 white labels3,759.56AA
G4522-60500Metal Vial Rack Assy.3,312.96AA
G4525-60701Vial rack label kit for 7693365.40AA
G4556-600197697A Tray  Rack783.00AA
G4556-601257697A Sample Probe, Deactivated4,972.92AA
G4556-638257697A Sample Probe, Deactivated4,962.48AA
G4556-67010Leak Test Kit1,316.60AA
G4556-670117697A Standard PM Kit11,950.32AA
G4556-670127697A Enhanced PM Kit13,917.68AA
G4556-80101Sample loop, Headspace 0.025 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80102Sample loop, Headspace 0.05 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80103Sample loop, Headspace 0.10 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80105Sample loop, Headspace 0.50 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80106Sample loop, Headspace 1.00 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-801072 mL Sample Loop, 7697A Headspace, Inert4,959.00AA
G4556-80108Sample Loop, Headspace 3.00 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80109Sample loop, Headspace 5.00 ml, inert4,680.60AA
G4556-80126Sample Loop, HS, Cert. 1.00 mL, inert5,649.20AA
G4556-80128Sample Loop, HS, Cert. 3.00 mL, inert5,649.20AA
G4556-905007697A Tray labels60.32AA
G4580-68300Intuvo Exhaust Kit2,012.60AA
G4581-20006Guard Chip Compression Bolt244.76AA
G4581-20543M3X0.5 mm, 6 mm LONG, WS2 COATED63.80AA
G4581-60031Intuvo Inlet Chip3,213.20AA
G4581-60032Intuvo D1 Chip3,213.20AA
G4581-60033Intuvo D2-MS Chip3,857.00AA
G4581-60260Intuvo Compression Bolt244.76AA
G4582-20085S/SL Compression Bolt244.76AA
G4583-20005Detector Tail Compression Bolt244.76AA
G4583-60331Intuvo FID or TCD Tail3,213.20AA
G4583-60333Intuvo ECD Tail3,213.20AA
G4583-60334Intuvo NPD Tail3,213.20AA
G4583-60335Intuvo FPD Tail3,213.20AA
G4583-60336Intuvo XCD Tail3,213.20AA
G4583-60621Intuvo D2 Connector Chip5,784.92AA
G4585-60523S/SL Turn Top Assy Intuvo4,563.44AA
G4586-20027MMI Compression Bolt244.76AA
G4587-60565Intuvo S/SL Guard Chip 2/pk1,851.36AA
G4587-60575Intuvo S/SL Jumper Chip1,671.56AA
G4587-60665Intuvo MMI Guard Chip 2/pk3,213.20AA
G4587-60675Intuvo MMI Jumper Chip2,699.32AA
G4588-60302Intuvo D1 Post Column Backflush Chip19,282.68AA
G4588-60322Intuvo D2-MS Post Column Backflush Chip19,282.68AA
G4588-60402Intuvo D1-D2 Splitter Chip, 1:112,855.12AA
G4588-60502Intuvo D1-MS Splitter Chip, 1:119,282.68AA
G4588-60522Intuvo D1-MS Splitter Chip, 7:119,282.68AA
G4588-60601Intuvo Inlet Splitter Chip12,855.12AA
G4588-60701Intuvo Mid Column Backflush to D1 Chip19,282.68AA
G4588-60721Intuvo Mid Column Backflush to D2 Chip19,282.68AA
G4590-60009Intuvo Swaged MS Tail3,213.20AA
G4590-60109Intuvo Swaged HES MS Tail3,213.20AA
G4591-20320FID Jet, 0.11 inch ID, For Intuvo GCs636.84AA
G4594-81000NPD Raised Jet Weldment1,735.36AA
G4911-01201Joint holder for nebulizer pump, ICP-MS1,354.88AA
G4911-20021Peri pump tubes adapter (for 2.29mm id)873.48AA
G4911-60011Tray for ISIS used with ICP-MS1,817.72AA
G4911-67001Comprehensive spares kit for ISIS-DS24,382.04AA
G4911-68201Preconfigured kit, ISIS Auto-dilution21,058.64AA
G4911-68202Preconfigured kit ISIS Discrete sampling14,187.96AA
G5611-21503Bio-inert piston seal1,374.60AA
G5611-26210Bio-inert seal keeper2,193.56AA
G5611-60016Seal holder for Bio inert pump599.72AA
G5611-60025Bio-inert active inlet valve4,768.76AA
G5611-60062Bio-Inert Purge Valve long6,624.76AA
G5611-60064Bio-Inert Purge Valve short6,624.76AA
G5611-60067Bio-inert outlet ball valve5,338.32AA
G5611-63010Bio-inert support ring3,085.60AA
G5611-68741PM kit for Bio-inert quaternary pump6,333.60AA
G5615-60005Bio-inert FLD flow cell25,494.48AA
G5615-60017Max-Light Cartridge Cell 60mm BIO42,696.12AA
G5615-60018Max-Light Cartridge Cell 10mm BIO40,037.40AA
G5615-60022Bio-inert standard flow cell, RFID tag19,745.52AA
G5615-87302Capillary PK 0.17 x 210mm SL/UB3,510.16AA
G5615-87331Capillary Holder Cell 0.17mm BIO3,934.72AA
G5664-68712Analytical Tubing Kit ID0.25mm PTFE-ESD3,948.64AA
G5667-40500Tool for needle adjustment980.20AA
G5667-68711Multi Draw Kit BIO, 400bar8,044.60AA
G5667-68735PM Kit for the Bio-Inert Sampler G5667A25,011.92AA
G5667-87200Bio-inert needle assembly9,327.56AA
G5668-60500Bio-inert Sample Loop 100uL for G5668A11,189.36AA
G5668-68730PM Kit Bio-inert Multisampler G5668A23,403.00AA
G5668-87017Bio Seat ID 0.17mm for G5668A9,507.36AA
G5668-87200Needle Bio-Sampler10,531.64AA
G6011AQuiet Cover MS for MS40 Pump40,693.96AA
G6011BQuiet Cover MS, for MS40 pump40,693.96AA
G6012AQuiet Cover DS37,579.36AA
G6014-68000Install kit, IDP3 to G6014 Quiet cover443.12AA
G6014BQuiet Cover for GCMS21,596.88AA
G6301-80004Ultivo Ion Injector28,393.32AA
G6500-60701ITEX-II Tenax Trap, TA 80/100, 3 pieces16,995.16AA
G6500-8400310 Pcs O-Ring for PAL SyrHS2.5ml730.80AA
G6500-88005Injection unit tension cord black, 280mm794.60AA
G6500-88014Tension Cord, for GC/HTC Needle Guide794.60AA
G6500-88016PAL Lub Kit with Brush1,096.20AA
G6500-88088CTC PAL Autosampler PM Kit10,959.68AA
G6600-60034Ceramic Tube Package,for SCD(before 8/952,510.24AA
G6600-60035Ceramic Tube Kit for SCD/NCD SS Burner3,890.64AA
G6600-60037Ceramic Tube Kit for SCD DP Burner5,324.40AA
G6600-60038Ceramic/Quartz Tube Kit for NCD DP Burnr5,376.60AA
G6600-60102No PT Screen Quartz Tube of NCD Burner2,494.00AA
G6600-6700712 Month PM Kit, RV5 Oil Pump for XCD28,186.84AA
G6600-6700812 Month PM Kit, Dry Piston Pump for XCD27,928.16AA
G6600-80018Spare Column Nut and Ferrule kit1,183.20AA
G6600-80042Replacement Oil Coalescing Filter2,487.04AA
G6600-80043Oil Mist Filter for RV5 pump;SCD/NCD5,476.36AA
G6600-80044Replacement Oil Coalescing Filter2,354.80AA
G6600-80045Replacement Odor Filtration Element1,564.84AA
G6600-80050O-Ring, 1.614 inch ID, Size 2-030113.68AA
G6600-80051O-Ring, 1.301 inch ID, Size 2-027, Black91.64AA
G6600-80063Dual Plasma Quartz Tube for NCD2,823.44AA
G6600-85000Ozone Destruction Chemical Trap;SCD/NCD2,214.44AA
G6600-85001Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil309.72AA
G6600-85002Oil,Edwards Ultragrade,1L309.72AA
G6696AIDP-3 Scroll Pump for Turbo 597X50,937.92AA
G6697AIDP-10 Upgrade Kit for GC/80,718.60AA
G6876-60002Sample holder 8in round Cary7000 UMS/UMA25,264.80AA
G6876-60003Sample holder 1in round Cary7000 UMS/UMA50,697.80AA
G7000-20026Entrance Lens Assy, Extended454.72AA
G7000-20444Extractor Lens, 3mm, for 7000B 1,958.08AA
G7000-20446Extractor Lens, 6mm, for 7000B 12,047.76AA
G7002-20008Finger Grip, 7010180.96AA
G7002-20019Filament Block1,354.88AA
G7002-20061Extractor Lens, 3mm, 70102,108.88AA
G7002-20064Extractor ALN Spacer Lens, 70102,243.44AA
G7002-20065Entrance Lens for 70102,861.72AA
G7002-20074Lens Insulator Enhanced, 70105,271.04AA
G7002-20083M2-0.4 x 12 Lg. Crest-Cup, Gold Plated71.92AA
G7002-20084Source Body 5.0mm Diameter, 701022,589.84AA
G7002-20104Post Extractor Lens 1, 70102,108.88AA
G7002-20109Screw, M2X6 Pan Head Torx, Gold-Plated358.44AA
G7002-20126Lock Ring Lens Insulator2,025.36AA
G7002-60001Filament Assembly, 70108,688.40AA
G7002-60053Source Mount Assembly5,827.84AA
G7002-67057Repeller Assembly, Service4,636.52AA
G7002-80103Electron Multiplier24,095.52AA
G7004-20004Post Extractor Lens 12,108.88AA
G7004-20061Extractor Lens, 3mm2,108.88AA
G7004-20068Ion Focus lens, 70102,409.32AA
G7004-20090Post Extractor Lens 22,108.88AA
G7004-20105Extractor Lens, 4mm2,619.28AA
G7004-67023IDP-10 Tip Seal Replacement Kit6,813.84AA
G7004-67026IDP-10 Tip Seal only4,187.60AA
G7005-60061Filament,high temperature EI for GCMS1,698.24AA
G7005-60072CI Filament- 2PK4,414.96AA
G7005-60170RIS Probe Maintenance Kit7,544.64AA
G7005-80000Alloy CI Filament2,612.32AA
G7077-60566GCMS Tool Kit and cleaning supplies5,255.96AA
G7077-67018IDP3 Tipseal Maintenance Kit5,905.56AA
G7100-60002Capillary cassette2,764.28AA
G7100-60007Electrode assemb. standard for G7100only4,162.08AA
G7100-60033Electrode assy short for G7100 only4,109.88AA
G7100-60150Alignment interface for ext cap 25um id3,671.40AA
G7100-60210Alignment interface for std cap 50um id3,817.56AA
G7100-60230Alignment interface for ext cap 50um id3,817.56AA
G7100-60310Alignment Interface for std cap 75um id3,817.56AA
G7100-60330Alignment interface for ext cap 75um id3,817.56AA
G7100-60400Alignment interface CE-MS cap 360um OD5,587.72AA
G7100-62700260nm Detector Filter Assembly6,508.76AA
G7100-68705Agilent CE system accessory kit10,089.68AA
G7100-68723High Sensitivity Cell Kit26,913.16AA
G7100-68750280nm cIEF Filter3,290.92AA
G7104-68000Quat. Pump In-Line Filter upgrade kit2,237.64AA
G7104-68741PM Kit for LL/EM Heads (Quat. Pumps)5,630.64AA
G7111-60061Purge Valve short with PTFE frit4,007.80AA
G7115-60001Flowcell for MWD+DAD, 3mm path length26,313.44AA
G7115-60002Flowcell for MWD+DAD, 0.3mm path length26,532.68AA
G7115-60003Flowcell for MWD+DAD, 0.06mm path length28,829.48AA
G7116-60006Divider Assembly-MCT584.64AA
G7116-60009Bio-inert Quick Connect Heat Exchanger12,579.04AA
G7116-60015Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger Standard2,409.32AA
G7116-60021Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger ULD2,047.40AA
G7116-60031Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger High Flow1,720.28AA
G7116-60041Bio-inert Quick Connect Heat Exchanger10,647.64AA
G7116-60051Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger Large ID2,495.16AA
G7116-60061Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger Large ID HF2,495.16AA
G7116-68003Column Holder Lamella 2/PK for Inf. II424.56AA
G7120-60007Bottle Head Assembly834.04AA
G7120-60017Bottle Head ay UCT long1,032.40AA
G7120-68070Ultra Clean Tubing Kit for Infinity II4,953.20AA
G7120-68741PM Kit for LL/EM Heads (Binary Pump)8,365.92AA
G7122-60007Bottle Head Assembly-2.28m876.96AA
G7129-60000External Tray for 5 x 2ml Vials5,835.96AA
G7129-60010Drawer for 66 x 2 ml Vials2,047.40AA
G7129-60110Drawer for 18 x 6 ml Vials2,047.40AA
G7129-60300Sample Loop 20ul938.44AA
G7129-60400Sample Loop 40ul905.96AA
G7129-60500Sample Loop 100ul711.08AA
G7129-68210Drawer-Kit 100 x 2ml Vials Classic2,633.20AA
G7129-68730PM Kit 1290 Inf II Vialsampler 1300bar13,486.16AA
G7129-68740PM Kit 1260 Inf II Vialsampler9,799.68AA
G7129-87012Seat assembly PEEK 0.12mm2,104.24AA
G7129-87017Seat assembly PEEK 0.17mm2,026.52AA
G7129-87112High pressure Vespel seat assy 0.12mm2,382.64AA
G7129-87117High pressure Vespel seat assy 0.17mm2,881.44AA
G7129-87200Needle 1260 Infinity autosampler1,514.96AA
G7129-87201Needle 1290 Infinity II vial sampler2,760.80AA
G7129-87202Needle Slotted Infinity II Autosampler2,422.08AA
G7157-60515Loop for Prep Autosampler1,389.68AA
G7157-687115ml Multi Draw Loop Kit for G7157A5,704.88AA
G7157-68730PM Kit 1260 Infinity II Prep Sampler13,214.72AA
G7157-87101Seat Assembly High Flow1,491.76AA
G7157-87201Needle High Flow Infinity Autosampler2,896.52AA
G7161-20083Valve Adapter IN Long358.44AA
G7161-60005Assembly collar piston 5mm1,864.12AA
G7161-60028Piston PREP Assembly2,007.96AA
G7161-60036Purge Valve Prep3,155.20AA
G7161-60052Valve Assembly Double Seat2,366.40AA
G7161-68730PM Kit 1260 Infinity II Prep. Bin. Pump16,869.88AA
G7163-60002Column Holder L10,165.08AA
G7167-60020Double height drawer kit (2H)11,083.80AA
G7167-60021Single-height drawer kit (1H)11,083.80AA
G7167-60022Triple-height drawer kit (3H)12,387.64AA
G7167-60300Sample Loop-Flex 500-900ul R2,925.52AA
G7167-60301Flex Extension Left Dual-Needle2,925.52AA
G7167-60311Flex Extension Right Dual-Needle3,656.32AA
G7167-68500Sample Loop-Flex 500ul right4,534.44AA
G7167-68501Loop kit 500ul Left Dual-Needle4,993.80AA
G7167-68511Loop Kit 500ul Right Dual-Needle8,849.64AA
G7167-68710PM Kit 1290 Inf.II Multisampler Standard11,627.84AA
G7167-68711Multidraw Kit Infinity II3,159.84AA
G7167-68720PM KIT 1290 Infinity II MLS Dual Needle28,156.68AA
G7167-68730PM Kit 1260 Infinity II Multisampler12,432.88AA
G7167-68900Sample Loop-Flex 900ul right4,680.60AA
G7167-68901Loop kit 900ul Left Dual-Needle5,251.32AA
G7167-68911Loop Kit 900ul Right Dual-Needle9,199.96AA
G7167-87307Loop Extension 500 ul789.96AA
G7167-87308Loop Extension 900 ul1,053.28AA
G7200-90211MassHunter User Guide (English)950.04AA
G7200-92211MassHunter User Guide (German)950.04AA
G7200-93211MassHunter User Guide (French)950.04AA
G7200-94211MassHunter User Guide (Italian)950.04AA
G7200-95211MassHunter User Guide (Spanish)950.04AA
G7200-96211MassHunter User Guide (Japanese)950.04AA
G7200-97211MassHunter User Guide (Chinese)950.04AA
G7201-90205MassHunter WS (7700) User Guide-English950.04AA
G7201-90302MassHunter WS (8800) User Guide-English950.04AA
G7201-96205MassHunter WS (7700) User Guide-Japanese950.04AA
G7201-96302MassHunter WS (8800) User Guide-Japanese950.04AA
G7250-20075Entrance Lens for 70102,861.72AA
G7604-60000Ion Injector, 180mm, 0.6mm ID, Dielec18,288.56AA
G7604-60001Ion Injector, 180mm, 0.5 mm ID, Dielec20,155.00AA
G8000-63003Multi-mode Sample Introduction System31,633.20AA
G8000-64112Pre-optic window for 4100/4200 MP-AES713.40AA
G8000-64140Clamp,torch with ball joint socket,1/pk498.80AA
G8000-64143Drain tube kit for 4100/4200 MP-AES1,209.88AA
G8000-68002Inlet cooling air filter for MP-AES1,027.76AA
G8000-70002Easy-fit torch - 4100 MP-AES5,719.96AA
G8000-70004Concentric nebulizer for MP-AES6,982.04AA
G8000-70006MP s/chamber, single pass glass cyclonic4,936.96AA
G8001-64004Inlet air filter kit - 4107 N2 Generator7,285.96AA
G8003-20011Ball Joint Adaptor, MP-AES Inert Torch734.28AA
G8003-60018Easy-fit Inert Torch for 4200 MP-AES 1/p12,538.44AA
G8003-60019Nebulizer Locking Nut, MP-AES s/chamber183.28AA
G8003-67000High sens. sample intro kit, MP-AES 1/pk11,269.40AA
G8003-67001Std aqueous sample intro kit MP-AES 1/pk11,269.40AA
G8003-67003Pump tubing kit MP-AES, organic solvents1,409.40AA
G8003-67005Inert Sample Intro Kit 4200 MP-AES, 1/pk25,905.12AA
G8003-68003Torch cleaning stand, 4200 MP-AES, 1/pk1,038.20AA
G8003-70000Easy-fit torch for 4200 MP-AES6,500.64AA
G8010-20071Drip Tray for 6/7 Port AVS valve, 1/pk1,903.56AA
G8010-20080Drip Tray for 4 Port valve of AVS4, 1/pk1,741.16AA
G8010-20084PTFE Ball Joint Adaptr, 5100 Inert Torch1,069.52AA
G8010-40026Clip, drain tube on sample tray 5100 ICP66.12AA
G8010-60227Clamp, ball joint, inert torch 5100 ICP800.40AA
G8010-60228Easy-fit torch one piece 5100 DV ICP-OES7,672.24AA
G8010-60231Easy-fit VDV torch inert demountable7,897.28AA
G8010-60232Easy-fit VDV torch demount high solids7,897.28AA
G8010-60233Easy-fit VDV torch demount semi-volatile7,672.24AA
G8010-60234Easy-fit RV torch inert demountable7,897.28AA
G8010-60235Easy-fit RV torch demountable volatile7,672.24AA
G8010-60236Easy-fit torch demountable 5100 VDV ICP7,672.24AA
G8010-60237Easy-fit torch demountable 5100 RV ICP7,672.24AA
G8010-60255Seaspray nebulizer(glass) U-series 1/pk9,688.32AA
G8010-60256ICP double pass s/c Helix+Ball joint+UFT8,789.32AA
G8010-60263Quartz tubeset demountable torch 5100 DV2,296.80AA
G8010-60264Quartz tubeset demountable torch 5100 RV2,296.80AA
G8010-60270Conikal Nebulizer (Glass) U-Series 1/pk6,359.12AA
G8010-60271ICP Single Pass S/C Helix+Ball Joint+UFT6,530.80AA
G8010-60293OneNeb Series 2, inert ICP nebulizer 1/p7,733.72AA
G8010-60300Check Valve Outlet for AVS, Non-Metallic2,816.48AA
G8010-60303Sample Inlet Connection Kit for AVS, 1/p2,552.00AA
G8010-60304Nebulizer Connection Kit for AVS, 1/pk680.92AA
G8010-60305Sample Loop for AVS, 1.0mL volume, 1/pk1,274.84AA
G8010-60306Autosampler Connect Kit for AVS, 1/pk153.12AA
G8010-60307Internal Std. Connection Kit, AVS7, 1/pk1,311.96AA
G8010-60308Pump Outlet Connection Kit for AVS, 1/pk1,311.96AA
G8010-60333Nebulizer Adaptor Kit for AVS, 1/pk232.00AA
G8010-60334Waste Tube Kit for 4 Port AVS, 1/pk1,311.96AA
G8010-60335Sample/Rinse Connection Kit for AVS, 2/p2,603.04AA
G8010-60338Sample Loop for AVS, 0.25mL volume, 1/pk1,360.68AA
G8010-60339Sample Loop for AVS, 0.5mL volume, 1/pk1,360.68AA
G8010-60340Sample Loop for AVS, 1.5mL volume, 1/pk1,388.52AA
G8010-60341Sample Loop for AVS, 2.0mL volume, 1/pk1,388.52AA
G8010-60342Sample Loop for AVS, 2.5mL volume, 1/pk1,388.52AA
G8010-60343Sample Loop for AVS, 3.0mL volume, 1/pk1,360.68AA
G8010-60344Sample Loop for AVS, 3.5mL volume, 1/pk1,388.52AA
G8010-60345Detachable sample line 1/16in od OneNeb2774.88AA
G8010-60346Neb. gas humidifier, 5100 ICP + 4200 MP18,295.52AA
G8010-60347Slurry Nebulizer, U-Series 4mL/min., 1/p6,912.44AA
G8010-60348Autosampler Peripump Connection Kit 1/pk298.12AA
G8010-67000Storage rack for 5100 DV ICP torches 1/p1,168.12AA
G8010-67001Operating supplies kit, 5100 DV ICP-OES46,688.84AA
G8010-68002Ext.air inlet duct adaptor 5100 ICP 1/pk2,360.60AA
G8010-68004Volatile org. sample intro kit 5100 RV29,508.08AA
G8010-68005Volatile org. sample intro kit 5100 DV29,508.08AA
G8010-68006Inert sample intro kit, 5100 RV ICP-OES35,410.16AA
G8010-68007Inert sample intro kit,5100 DV ICP-OES35,410.16AA
G8010-68008Ketone solvent sample intro kit, 5100 RV29,508.08AA
G8010-68009Ketone solvent sample intro kit, 5100 DV29,508.08AA
G8010-68011PuraFlex transfer tube, Isomist+5100 ICP3,658.64AA
G8010-68014Spare pre-optic window ax,5100 ICP 1/pk1,001.08AA
G8010-68015Spare pre-optic window rad,5100 ICP 1/pk2,236.48AA
G8010-68021Torch Cleaning Stand, 5100 ICP-OES, 1/pk1,168.12AA
G8010-68029Semi-volatile sample intro kit, 5100 DV29,508.08AA
G8010-68030Semi-volatile sample intro kit, 5100 RV29,508.08AA
G8010-68103Work coil assembly for 5100 ICP-OES,1/pk3,329.20AA
G8010-68109Pre-optics cone for 5100 ICP-OES, 1/pk6,125.96AA
G8010-80034ICP double pass s/c inert+Ball joint 1/p18,172.56AA
G8012-60000Easy-fit torch one piece 5100 Radial ICP7,672.24AA
G8012-67001Operating supplies kit, 5100 RV ICP-OES41,264.68AA
G8140-63000LC Vial Rack11,700.92AA
G8180-670004300 HH FTIR Battery Charger5,378.92AA
G8180-671354300 HH FTIR 15VDC Power Supply1,788.72AA
G8180-671474300 HH FTIR Replacement Battery3,793.20AA
G8180-673004300 HH FTIR Polystyrene Ref Sample1,831.64AA
G8180-67560Coarse Gold Reference Cap, 4300 HH FTIR6,587.64AA
G8180-67562SS Mirror Reference Cap, 4300 HH FTIR6,587.64AA
G8180-67563Coarse Diff Reference Cap, 4300 HH FTIR6,407.84AA
G8180-67564Gold Mirror Reference Cap, 4300 HH FTIR7,226.80AA
G8180-676104300 HH FTIR MCT Retro Reflector10,771.76AA
G8181-67611DTGS Retro Reflector for 4300 HH FTIR10,335.60AA
G8400-00240Omega bias lens for 7900 ICP-MS w/x-lens6,067.96AA
G8400-40113Sample tray for 7900 Series ICP-MS, 1/pk1,133.32AA
G8400-40200End cap retaining ring,7900 ICP-MS, 1/pk205.32AA
G8400-60215Extraction lens 1, 7900 ICP-MS w/x-lens4,566.92AA
G8400-60216Extraction lens 2, 7900 ICP-MS w/x-lens3,596.00AA
G8400-60217Omega lens for x-lens, 7900 ICP-MS, 1/pk4,682.92AA
G8400-60218Extraction lens 1, 7900 ICP-MS w/s-lens4,566.92AA
G8400-60219Extraction lens 2, 7900 ICP-MS w/s-lens3,596.00AA
G8400-60258Electron multiplier for 7900 ICP-MS,1/pk29,520.84AA
G8400-60434Work coil assembly, 7800/7900 ICP-MS 1/p5,762.88AA
G8400-60624Skimmer base, stainless, 7900 w/x-lens5,962.40AA
G8400-60625Skimmer base, brass, 7900 w/x-lens. 1/pk5,962.40AA
G8400-60626Skimmer base, brass, 7900 w/s-lens. 1/pk6,324.32AA
G8400-60627Skimmer base, stainless, 7900 w/s-lens.5,962.40AA
G8400-60628Offset skimmer base assembly, 7900, 1/pk6,067.96AA
G8400-60634Skimmer base, brass, 7900 w/m-lens6,030.84AA
G8400-60710Tubing kit, argon humidifier 7900 ICP-MS1,656.48AA
G8400-67001Extraction-Omega lens assy 7900 w/x-lens17,992.76AA
G8400-67002Extraction-Omega lens assy 7900 w/s-lens17,992.76AA
G8400-67003Screw + spacer kit, 7900 ICP-MS w/x-lens5,164.32AA
G8400-67026Dilution nozzle, UHMI, 7900 ICP-MS, 1/pk3,492.76AA
G8400-67047Extraction-Omega lens assy 7900 w/m-lens18,479.96AA
G8400-67701ORS cell assembly for 77/7900 and 880015,559.08AA
G8400-900007900 Series ICP-MS Hardware Manual451.24AA
G8400-90001Periodic table sheet, 100/pk9,636.12AA
G8400-960007900 Series ICP-MS Hardware Manual (JP)451.24AA
G8410-40004Tube anchor for SPS 4 autosampler, 2/pk140.36AA
G8410-40005Cable ducting for SPS4 autosampler, 1/pk332.92AA
G8410-60180Nebulizer probe mount kit SPS4 a/sampler1,564.84AA
G8410-68260High Uptake Volume Rinse Kit For SPS 41,770.16AA
G8410-68261SPS4 Rinse Tube Kit For Low Volatile Org1,770.16AA
G8410-68262Pump Drain Kit For SPS4 Autosampler, 1/p1,770.16AA
G8410-80100SPS4 probe 0.25mm-id, red marker, inert2,962.64AA
G8410-80101SPS4 probe 0.5mm-id yellow marker, inert2,962.64AA
G8410-80102SPS4 probe 0.8mm-id, green marker, inert2,962.64AA
G8410-80103SPS4 probe 1.0mm-id, blue marker, inert2,962.64AA
G8410-80104SPS4 probe 1.2mm-id, black marker, inert2,962.64AA
G8410-80105SPS4 probe, Microtiter tray, red marker2,962.64AA
G8411-67002Gas tubing kit for valve of ISIS 31,032.40AA
G8411-67114ISIS 3-way valve assembly kit,1/pk9,999.20AA
G8411-67115Piston pump seal replacement kit,ISIS2,084.52AA
G8411-67116Piston pump seal installation tool,ISIS4,091.32AA
G8411-67117PFA sample tubing 1.0mm id 1/16 in od,5m1,746.96AA
G8411-67118PFA sample tubing 2.18mm id 1/8 in od,5m818.96AA
G8411-68201ISIS3 preconfigured kit discrete samples12,284.40AA
G8411-80115ISIS piston pump,1/pk31,678.44AA
G8411-80119PEEK nut for pump OF ISIS 3, 1/pk1,505.68AA
G8420-60700ORS Cell Assembly for 7800 ICP-MS34,781.44AA
G8479-20020MSIS nebulizer bushing (with O-rings)1,900.08AA
G8479-60100MSIS drain tube assembly, 1/pk294.64AA
G8479-60300MSIS reaction cone assembly, 1/pk1,274.84AA
G8479-67000O-rings for MSIS nebulizer bushing, 1 Pr176.32AA
G8479-68000Accessory kit, MSIS for axial ICP-OES10,813.52AA
G8479-68001Accessory kit, MSIS for radial ICP-OES10,813.52AA
G8479-68100MSIS reagent tubing kit, 1/pk342.20AA
G8484-60101SVS 1+ 4-Port Valve Assembly 1/pk5,122.56AA
G8493-60000Spare valve, 4 port, 2 position for AVS47,693.12AA
G8493-60002Rotor seal for 4 port valve for AVS41,735.36AA
G8493-60003Stator + rotor for 4 port valve for AVS410,030.52AA
G8494-60000Spare valve, 6 port, 2 position for AVS611,386.56AA
G8494-60002Rotor seal for 6-7 port valve for AVS6/72,561.28AA
G8494-60003Stator + rotor for 6 port valve for AVS613,788.92AA
G8494-60004Mounting clamp AVS 4/6/7 Switching Valve697.16AA
G8495-60000Spare valve, 7 port, 2 position for AVS711,451.52AA
G8495-60003Stator + rotor for 7 port valve for AVS713,788.92AA
G9321-60013Rail System2,193.56AA
G9321-60015Tube Container 10 tubes 30x150mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60025Tube Container 18 tubes 25x150mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60035Tube Container 18 tubes 25x100mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60045Tube Container 72 tubes 12x100mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60055Tube Container 36 tubes 16x100mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60058Tube Container 10 tubes 30x100mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-600851290 Inf II PrepFC drawer, ambient2,630.88AA
G9321-60129Tube Container 36 tubes 16x150mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-60131Tube Container 72 tubes 12x150mm ambient3,290.92AA
G9321-609511290 Inf II PrepFC Tubing kit 200 mL/min4,344.20AA
G9321-609521290 Inf II PrepFC Tubing kit 50 mL/min4,344.20AA
G9321-609531290 Inf II PrepFC Tubing Kit 8 mL/min4,344.20AA
G9321-609541290 Inf II PrepFC Tubing Kit 1506,309.24AA
G9321-68300Bottom Fume Hood Kit27,246.08AA
GT430-20470Nebulizer Adjustment Fixture2,333.92AA
HARRICK-KBR-100KBR powder, 100 grams, 1/pk1,527.72AA
M5141AConfigurable supplies kit for 7800 ICPMS97,901.68AA
M5141AAdd Ni sampling cone, 7800 with x-lens6,955.36AA
M5141AAdd Ni plated sampling cone, 7800+x-lens8,890.24AA
M5141AAdd Pt sampling cone, 7800 with x-lens30,472.04AA
M5141AAdd Pt sampling cone (18mm insert), 780083,098.92AA
M5141AAdd Ni skimmer cone for 7800 with x-lens5,827.84AA
M5141AAdd Pt skimmer cone + brass skimmer base25,639.48AA
M5141AAdd Pt skimmer, Ni base + skimmer base25,639.48AA
M5141AAdd Oil mist filter element, DS402 pump1,444.20AA
M5141AAdd Oil mist filter element, MS40+ pump2,195.88AA
MKI-C-QSC10Quick fit connectors,Markes Unity PK104,366.24AA
MKI-MTD-1169SS Difflok Cap, TD-100/ULTRA, 10/pk3,941.68AA
MKI-MTD-1204Inert Difflok Cap, TD-100/ULTRA, 10/pk8,356.64AA
MKI-SERUTD-5065Split filter tube, charcoal, SS, 3.5 in1,129.84AA
MKI-TC20-FLTRCarbon Filter, TC-20 Cooling Fan, 4/pk828.24AA
MKI-U-COV06O-Rings,Markes 6mm Cold Trap Seals PK 10602.04AA
MKI-U-COV07O-Rings,markes 7mm Cold Trap Seals PK 10602.04AA
MKI-U-COV10O-Rings,010 Markes Unity 10 pk602.04AA
MKI-U-DISK1PTFE Filter Disks,5.1mm Markes TD PK 10602.04AA
MKI-U-DISK3PTFE Filter Disks,6.3mm Markes TD PK 10602.04AA
MKI-U-T10CW-2SCold trap, Chemical Weapons, UNITY 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T11GPC-2SCold Trap,GP Carbon,C4/5-C30/32 UNITY 216,186.64AA
MKI-U-T12ME-2SCold Trap,materials emissions, UNITY 216,186.64AA
MKI-U-T13DHS-2SCold Trap for DHS application, Series 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T15ATA-2SCold Trap, TO-15/TO-17 air toxic,Unity 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T16GHG-2SCold Trap, Green House Gases, UNITY 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T17O3P-2SCold Trap, Ozone Precursor, UNITY 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T18325-2SCold Trap, EPA 325, UNITY 213,099.88AA
MKI-U-T1HBL-2SCold Trap, High Boilers, C6-C40, UNITY 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T1KORICold trap, empty, for Kori-xr8,658.24AA
MKI-U-T20PAMPAMS (VOC Ozone precursors) TD trap16,562.48AA
MKI-U-T2GPHHydrophobic TD Cold trap, UNITY 2/TD-10016,562.48AA
MKI-U-T3ATX-2SCold Trap,Air Toxics,C2-C14,UNITY 214,303.96AA
MKI-U-T6SUL-2SCold Trap, Sulfur, UNITY 214,439.68AA
MKI-U-T9TNX-2SMarkes Unity Series 2 Cold Trap, Tenax14,439.68AA
MKI-UTD-5064Cold Trap Alignment Tool,Markes Unity994.12AA
MKI-UTD-5105Sampling Tube,Tenax TA,Markes Unity21,940.24AA
MKI-UTE-5099FS Transfer Line 190cm, PTFE Sleeve, TD1,430.28AA
MKI-Z-0285O-Ring insertion tool,Markes Unity TDI2,007.96AA
MKI-Z-0351O-Ring extraction tool,Markes Unity TDI614.80AA
PCG9312APLL12BRBLoad and Lock 12inch Bed retainer boss4,707.28AA
PCG9312APLL12LFSBLoad and Lock 12in Lower frit seal body81,360.08AA
PCG9312APLL12UFSBLoad and Lock 12inch Frit Seal body82,769.48AA
PCG932A2LL2IF2in Load and Lock Inlet Frit 2u1,482.48AA
PCG932A2LL2OF2 LOAD and LOCK  OUTLET FRIT 2 mic.1,482.48AA
PCG932APLL2FSB2in Load and Lock Frit Seal Body - PEEK3,069.36AA
PCG933A122023 LandL Outlet Dist Plate395.56AA
PCG936A6LL6SRSealing ring PTFE8,731.32AA
PIKE-160-1009KBR window, 25 x 4mm, 6/pk2,698.16AA
PIKE-160-1010KBR, 32x3 mm, undrilled, 6/pk2,913.92AA
PIKE-160-1015KBR, 32x3 mm, drilled, 6/pk3,528.72AA
PIKE-160-112532 x 3mm KRS-5, drilled, 1/pk9,130.36AA
PIKE-160-1126KRS-5 32x3mm, undrilled, 1/pk9,130.36AA
PIKE-160-112725 x 4 mm KRS-5 window, 1/pk6,798.76AA
PIKE-160-113325 X 4MM KBR WINDOW564.92AA
PIKE-160-8016Kcl, 100 gram chunks, 1/pk1,727.24AA
PIKE-161-1903Spare anvils Evacuable Pellet Press 1/pk1,303.84AA
PIKE-162-1320PTFE O-rings Demountable Liq. Cell 12/pk566.08AA
PL0810-0012Autosampler needles 2/pk4,394.08AA
PL0810-4002Filter magazine 2 um stainless steel23,169.84AA
PL0810-4006Filter magazine 1 um glass fibre 50/pk18,178.36AA
PL0860-0550O-ring, Nebulizer ELS 2/pk2,076.40AA
PL0870-6020PLUNGER SEAL3,395.32AA
PL0870-6110Solvent inlet tubing and filter3,353.56AA
PL0870-8110SYRINGE PUMP24,499.20AA
PL0870-8130PL-AS 4 ml Needle Assembly8,894.88AA
PL0870-8140PL-AS 2 ml Needle Assembly5,945.00AA
PL0890-0495Exhaust Tube for G4260B/G4261B ELSD2,179.64AA
PL0890-0640ELSD air adapter kit G4260B/G4261B ELSD932.64AA
PL1-24966ADAPTER ASSY 14-4MM5,046.00AA
R007015061Clamp, Column Valve315.52AA
R007101632Seal Backup Ring for 50ml618.28AA
R007101634HDPE HSTLOY SEAL F 5ML LIQ HEAD 2/pk2,571.72AA
R007101635UHDPE HSTLOY Seal F/ 5ml2,639.00AA
R007101639UHDPE HSTLOY Seal 10ml SS, WSS WTI2,192.40AA
R007101650Flanged UHDPE HSTLOY Seal 50ml WSS2,046.24AA
R007101657Piston Assy W Spring F5ml SS Liq Head2,831.56AA
R007101708CARTRIDGE,CV INLET,1/8BL,10ML,PEEK1,257.44AA
R007101716Cartridge,CV inlet,1/8in.L,50/100ml,1/p4,118.00AA
R007101717Cartridge,CV outlet,1/8in.L,50/100ml,1pk4,118.00AA
R007105603Outlet ftg SD-1 50/200ml/min sys,5/pk1,923.28AA
R007105605Outlet Fittings SD-1 500800ml 5pk2,067.12AA
R007105613INLET FILTER TUBE SD1 500800ML 10FT1,367.64AA
R007105685Complete Seal Kit FSD-1 800ml6,490.20AA
R007105686INLET  CHECK VALVE FSD-1 500800ML4,047.24AA
R007105687OUTLET CHECK VALVE FSD-1 500800ML4,136.56AA
RE7030Valve,Rheodyne 7030,3-way,SS,1/16in,1/p13,723.96AA
RMK-0003-2SMarkes Online Systems PM Kit6,674.64AA
SPECAC04090Polishing kit lapping paper, 5/pk733.12AA
01090-27605Caps and Sieves PK714.56BC
01090-27606Caps + Frits 2.1  (6 each)1,524.24BC
01090-27609Frits, 4.8mm  2/PK474.44BC
01090-27611Inserts, cartridge holder  6/PK1,752.76BC
01090-276136 Caps + Frits/4mm Guard Column1,600.80BC
01090-276146 Inserts 4mm Guard Column1,840.92BC
1535-4863Frit, scal spredder 7.5mm  PK991.80BC
280548-001Frit, PEEK  1/4   1 each75.40BC
280959-001Frit,PEEK,2u,For 9.4mm Cols.119.48BC
280959-003Frit,PEEK,2u,For 6.2mm Cols.238.96BC
280959-006Frit,PEEK,2u,For 3.0mm Cols.89.32BC
280959-904Frits for 2.1mm columns 2.0um  10/PK667.00BC
280959-905Frits for 4.6mm columns, 2.0um   10/PK667.00BC
280959-907Frits for 2.1 mm columns 0.5um 10/PK842.16BC
410910-101Agilent Prep-sil cart col,21.2x250mm,10u26,022.28BC
410910-102Agilent Prep-C18 cart col,21.2x250mm,10u26,022.28BC
410910-301Agilent Prep-sil column,30.0x250mm,10u55,744.96BC
410910-302Agilent Prep-C18 column, 30x250mm, 10u55,744.96BC
410910-501Agilent Prep-sil column,50.0x250mm, 10u121,218.84BC
410910-502Agilent Prep-C18 column,50x250mm, 10u121,218.84BC
410910-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x250mm,10u26,028.08BC
410910-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x250mm,10u26,028.08BC
413910-101Agilent Prep-sil cart col,21.2x150mm,10u19,138.84BC
413910-102Agilent Prep-C18 cart col,21.2x150mm,10u19,138.84BC
413910-301Agilent Prep-sil column, 30.0x150mm, 10u39,647.64BC
413910-302Agilent Prep-C18 column, 30x150mm, 10u39,647.64BC
413910-501Agilent Prep-sil column,50.0x150mm,10u75,819.92BC
413910-502Agilent Prep-C18 column,50x150mm, 10u75,819.92BC
413910-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x150mm,10u19,146.96BC
413910-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x150mm,10u19,146.96BC
419910-301Agilent Prep-sil column,30.0x100mm,10u28,493.08BC
419910-302Agilent Prep-C18 column,30x100mm, 10u28,493.08BC
419910-501Agilent Prep-sil column,50.0x100mm,10u54,339.04BC
419910-502Agilent Prep-C18 column,50x100mm,10u54,339.04BC
420212-901Agilent Prep-sil guards cartridges 2/pk3,192.32BC
420212-902Agilent Prep-C18 guard cartridges, 2/pk3,192.32BC
420420-901Agilent Prep External Guard Hardware Kit3,865.12BC
420910-901Agilent Prep silica (per kg)76,563.48BC
420910-902Agilent Prep-C18 (per kg)76,563.48BC
440905-801Agilent Prep-sil prep col,10x250mm,5u15,317.80BC
440905-802Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,10x250mm,5u15,317.80BC
440905-901Agilent Prep-sil col,4.6x250mm,5u5,204.92BC
440905-902Agilent Prep-C18 scaler col,4.6x250mm,5u5,204.92BC
440910-801Agilent Prep-sil prep col,10x250mm,10u12,983.88BC
440910-802Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,10x250mm,10u12,983.88BC
440910-901Agilent Prep Sil Scalar, 4.6x250mm, 10um5,204.92BC
440910-902Agilent Prep-C18 Scalar,4.6x250mm, 10um5,204.92BC
443905-101Agilent Prep-sil cart col,21.2x150mm,5u24,779.92BC
443905-102Agilent Prep-C18 cart col,21.2x150mm,5u24,779.92BC
443905-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x150mm,5u24,771.80BC
443905-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x150mm,5u24,771.80BC
443905-801Agilent Prep-sil prep col,10x150mm,5u11,248.52BC
443905-802Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,10x150mm,5u11,248.52BC
443905-901Agilent Prep-sil scaler col,4.6x150mm,5u4,707.28BC
443905-902Agilent Prep-C18 scaler col,4.6x150mm,5u4,707.28BC
443910-901Agilent Prep Sil Scalar, 4.6x150mm, 10um4,707.28BC
443910-902Agilent Prep-C18 Scalar, 4.6x150mm, 10um4,707.28BC
446905-101Agilent Prep-sil cart col,21.2x50mm,5u13,925.80BC
446905-102Agilent Prep-C18 cart col,21.2x50mm,5u13,925.80BC
446905-301Agilent Prep-sil column,30.0x50mm,5u30,202.92BC
446905-302Agilent Prep-C18 column,30x50mm,5u30,202.92BC
446905-501Agilent Prep-Sil,50x50mm,5u59,293.40BC
446905-502Agilent Prep-C18,50x50mm,5uL59,293.40BC
446905-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x50mm,5u13,940.88BC
446905-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x50mm,5u13,940.88BC
446905-801Agilent Prep-sil prep col,10x50mm,5u6,970.44BC
446905-802Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,10x50mm,5u6,970.44BC
446905-901Agilent Prep-SIL,4.6x50mm,5u,Scalar3,937.04BC
446905-902Agilent Prep-C18,4.6x50mm,5u,Scalar3,937.04BC
446910-102Agilent Prep-C18,21.2x50mm,10um11,769.36BC
446910-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x50mm,10u11,786.76BC
446910-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x50mm,10u11,786.76BC
449905-101Agilent Prep-sil cart col,21.2x100mm,5u19,138.84BC
449905-102Agilent Prep-C18 cart col,21.2x100mm,5u19,138.84BC
449905-301Agilent Prep-sil column,30.0x100mm,5u34,692.12BC
449905-302Agilent Prep-C18 column,30x100mm,5u34,692.12BC
449905-501Agilent Prep-sil column,50.0x100mm,5u60,661.04BC
449905-502Agilent Prep-C18 column,50x100mm,5u60,661.04BC
449905-701Agilent Prep-sil prep col,21.2x100mm,5u19,146.96BC
449905-702Agilent Prep-C18 prep col,21.2x100mm,5u19,146.96BC
449905-901Agilent Prep-sil scaler col,4.6x100mm,5u4,471.80BC
449905-902Agilent Prep-C18 scaler col,4.6x100mm,5u4,471.80BC
449910-902Agilent Prep-C18 Scalar, 4.6x100nnm 10um4,471.80BC
5021-1845Cartridge holder for 4mm cartridges 2/PK4,082.04BC
5021-1846Mounting tool 4mm cart452.40BC
5021-18492-split collets  PK814.32BC
5063-6519Filter elements for 2,3mm Cartridge 10PK930.32BC
5063-6528Start up Kit8,205.84BC
5063-6529RP-method development kit - 2mm id42,143.96BC
5063-6574Filter elements for 4mm cartridges 10PK930.32BC
5063-6588Amino Acid Separation Kit45,447.64BC
5064-8253ZORBAX SB C18 5u guard 35 x 0.3mm3,790.88BC
5064-8254ZORBAX SB C18 5u guard 35 x 0.5mm3,790.88BC
5064-8255ZORBAX SB C18 5u 150 x 0.3mm5,744.32BC
5064-8256ZORBAX SB C18 5u 150 x 0.5mm5,744.32BC
5064-8257ZORBAX SB C18 5u 250 x 0.3 mm6,374.20BC
5064-8258ZORBAX SB C18 5u 250 x 0.5 mm6,374.20BC
5064-8259300SB-C18 Capillary 0.3x100mm 3.5um5,555.24BC
5064-8260ZORBAX SB C18 RR 3.5u, 35 x 0.5 mm4,686.40BC
5064-8261ZORBAX SB C18 RR 3.5u 150 x 0.3 mm6,374.20BC
5064-8262ZORBAX SB C18 RR 3.5 u 150 x 0.5mm6,374.20BC
5064-8263ZORBAX SB C18 300A 5u 150 x 0.3mm5,744.32BC
5064-8264ZORBAX SB C18 300A 5u 150 x 0.5 mm5,744.32BC
5064-8265ZORBAX SB C18 300A 5u 250 x 0.3 mm6,374.20BC
5064-8266ZORBAX SB C18 300A 5u 250 x 0.5 mm6,374.20BC
5064-8267ZORBAX SB C18 300A RR 3.5u 150 x 0.3mm6,374.20BC
5064-8268ZORBAX SB C18 300A 3.5u 150 x 0.5mm6,374.20BC
5064-8269ZORBAX XDB C18 5u 250 x 0.3mm6,374.20BC
5064-8270300SB-C18 Capillary 0.3X75mm 3.5um5,487.96BC
5064-8271ZORBAX XDB C18 RR 3.5u 150 x 0.3mm6,374.20BC
5064-8286ZORBAX XDB C18 5u 250 x 0.5mm6,374.20BC
5064-8287ZORBAX XDB C18 5u 150 x 0.5mm5,744.32BC
5064-8288ZORBAX XDB C18 RR 3.5u 150 x 0.5mm6,374.20BC
5064-8291ZORBAX XDB C18 5u 150 x 0.3mm5,744.32BC
5064-8294ZORBAX SB C18 300A guard 5u 35 x 0.5mm3,790.88BC
5064-8295ZORBAX SB C18 300A 5u guard 35 x 0.3mm3,790.88BC
5064-8296ZORBAX XDB C18 5u guard 35 x 0.5mm3,790.88BC
5064-8297ZORBAX XDB C18 5u guard 35 x 0.3mm3,790.88BC
5064-8298ZORBAX XDB C18 RR 3.5u 35 x 0.5mm4,686.40BC
5064-8300300SB-C18 Capillary 0.3x50mm  3.5um5,020.48BC
5065-4427Replacement screens, 2um, SS, 10/PK330.60BC
5065-4459300SB-C18 Capillary 0.5 x 35mm 3.5um4,686.40BC
5065-4460300SB-C8 Capillary 0.3X150mm 3.5um6,374.20BC
5065-4461300SB-C8 Capillary 0.3x100mm  3.5um5,555.24BC
5065-4462300SB-C8 Capillary 0.3X75mm 3.5um5,487.96BC
5065-4463300SB-C8 Capillary 0.3x50mm 3.5um5,020.48BC
5065-4464300Extend-C18 Capillary 0.3x150mm 3.5um6,374.20BC
5065-4465300Extend-C18 Capillary 0.3x100mm 3.5um5,555.24BC
5065-4466300Extend-C18 Capillary 0.3x75mm 3.5um5,487.96BC
5065-4467300Extend-C18 Capillary 0.3x50mm 3.5um5,020.48BC
5065-9910Zorbax 300SB-C18, 3.5um, 150x0.1mm6,310.40BC
5065-9911Zorbax 300SB-C18, 3.5um, 150x0.075mm6,310.40BC
5065-9913ZORBAX 300SB-C18, 5um, 5x0.3mm, 5/pk3,841.92BC
5065-9914Zorbax 300SB-C8, 5um, 5x0.3mm  5/pk3,779.28BC
5065-9915Holder for 5mm Trap Cartridges1,201.76BC
5065-9923Zorbax 300SB-C8, 3.5um, 50x0.075mm6,021.56BC
5065-9924Zorbax 300SB-C18, 3.5um, 50x0.075mm6,021.56BC
5065-9925AdvanceBio Peptide Mapping, 0.075x150mm6,186.28BC
5065-9946AdvanceBio Peptide Mapping, 0.3x5 mm3,787.40BC
5069-3635Bio-Monolith Column QA,5.2mm x 4.95 mm13,044.20BC
5069-3636Bio-Monolith Column DEAE,5.2mm x 4.95mm13,044.20BC
5069-3637Bio-Monolith Column SO3,5.2mm x 4.95mm13,044.20BC
5069-3639Bio-Monolith Protein A,5.2mm x 4.95mm14,823.64BC
5183-2021Cartridge Starter kit ZORBAX,5um,C189,748.64BC
5183-2022Cartridge Starter Kit ZORBAX,5um,C89,748.64BC
5183-4624Traditional Stablebond Method Devel Kit10,105.92BC
5183-4625Fast Stablebond Method Devel. Kit10,105.92BC
5183-4626Traditional Eclipse XDB Method Devel Kit10,105.92BC
5183-4627Fast Eclipse XDB Mthd.Devel.Kit10,105.92BC
5185-5807Zorbax pH Method Devel.Kit10,105.92BC
5185-5808Zorbax Fast pH Mthd.Devel.Kit10,105.92BC
5185-5809Zorbax Aqueous Mthd.Devel.Kit10,105.92BC
5185-5810Zorbax Fast Aqueous Mthd Development Kit10,105.92BC
5185-5920StableBond Guard, 1.0x17mm, 5um, 3/pk3,583.24BC
5185-5921Eclipse XDB Guard, 1.0 x 17mm, 5um3,549.60BC
5185-5922Bonus-RP Guard, 1.0 x 17mm, 5um3,647.04BC
5185-5923Extend Guard, 1.0x17mm, 5um, 3/pk3,540.32BC




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