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Illumina 测序试剂盒 FC-121-3002

简要描述:Illumina/TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT Library Preparation Kit - Set B (12 Set B
Illumina 测序试剂盒 FC-121-3002

  • 产品型号:Illumina Kits FC-121-3002
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  • 更新时间:2019-05-29
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规格1 kit供货周期两周
主要用途小型全基因组测序 组合试剂 试剂盒应用领域医疗卫生,化工,生物产业,制药

Illumina 测序试剂盒 FC-121-3002

Illumina/TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT Library Preparation Kit - Set B (12 Set B index tubes, 24 sam


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产品编号: FC-121-3002
美  元  价: $735.00
会  员  价: 待定
品       牌: Illumina
产       地: 美国
公       司: Illumina, Inc.
产品分类: 分子类>二代测序>DNA文库制备试剂盒
公司分类: Library Preparation Kits

Product Highlights:

TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kits provide simple, all-inclusive library preparation for whole-genome sequencing applications. Researchers can sequence a wide variety of organisms, from small genomes such as bacteria to human whole-genomes. The kits offer:

  • Shortened gel-free workflows that remove the need for PCR
  • ABIlity to sequence the most challenging regions
  • Improved genome coverage to identify the greatest number of variants

Sequence the most challenging regions

TruSeq DNA PCR-free kits offer superior coverage of areas which are trADItionally difficult to sequence such as high GC-rich regions, promoters, and repetitive content.

The kits are tunable to a variety of read lengths and are supported on all Illumina sequencing instruments. This permits the researcher to tailor each run to the needs of the experiment.

Detect the greatest number of variants

PCR-free means reduced library bias and gaps. The result is unsurpassed data quality. This enables you to detect the greatest number of variants. Excellent genome coverage means your results have the lowest and smallest number of gaps and enhanced coverage of high G/C rich regions.

Use PCR-free for faster protocols

Removing PCR creates a faster protocol and superior data quality. Bead-based size selection shortens the workflow. In tandem with Illumina sequencing systems, the TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit provides a range of enhancements to the industry's most widely adopted library preparation workflow.

Access flexIBLe throughput options

Kits include reagents, sample purification beads, and indexes, with two options for flexibility:

  • TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT Library Preparation Kits support 24-plex manual processing for low-throughput studies.
  • TruSeq DNA PCR-Free HT Library Preparation Kits are 96-plex for high-throughput studies, and can be automated on liquid handling robots (or processed manually).

Find an up-to-date list of automation vendors with robotic systems that support the HT library preparation kits


Input Quantity0.1 – 1 ug high-quality purified total RNA from blood
Content SpecificationsCaptures coding RNA plus multiple forms of non-coding RNA
Mechanism of ActionBead-based rRNA depletion, CDNA synthesis, and PCR
MultiplexingLow-throughput kits: Pool up to 12 samples. Or pool up to 24 samples with sets A and B together,High-throughput kit version: Prepare 96 uniquely indexed samples
System CompatibilityNovaSeq 5000,Genome Analyzer IIx,HiSeq 2000,NextSeq 500,HiSeq 2500,NextSeq 550,HiSeq 3000,HiSeq 1000
Automation CapABIlityLiquid Handling Robots
Variant ClassTranscript Variants,Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs),Gene Fusions
Species CategoryRat,Mouse
MethodWhole-Transcriptome Sequencing



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Illumina 测序试剂盒 FC-121-3002



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