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Illumina/TruSeq Targeted RNA Index Kit D

简要描述:Illumina/TruSeq Targeted RNA Index Kit D (96 indexes, 384 samples)/RT-402-1004/1 Ea
产品编号: RT-402-1004
美 元 价: $1019.00
品 牌: Illumina
产 地: 美国
Library Preparation Kits

  • 产品型号:RT-402-1004
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  • 更新时间:2019-11-26
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规格96 indexes, 384 samples供货周期现货

Illumina/TruSeq Targeted RNA Index Kit D (96 indexes, 384 samples)/RT-402-1004/1 Ea

Illumina/TruSeq Targeted RNA Index Kit D (96 indexes, 384 samples)/RT-402-1004/1 Ea

Product Highlights:
TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression Kits enable highly customizable mid- to high-plex gene expression profiling studies.

You can define panels of 12-1,000 assays to target individual exons, isoforms, splice junctions, coding SNPS (cSNPs), gene fusions, and non-coding RNA transcripts, plus multiplex up to 384 samples. Generate the data equivalent of up to 25,000 individual RT-PCR assays in a single run.*

Assays include convenient online panel design and ordering, a rapid and simple workflow starting with as little as 50 ng of RNA, and automated, on-instrument data analysis.

Types of Study Designs
Custom panels—select up to 1000 targets from a database of over 400,000 predesigned assays.
Add-on (supplemental) content—add a second oligo pool of up to 1000 targets to a previously designed TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression custom panel.
Start a Custom Project
Order custom panels using DesignStudio, a free, user-friendly, web-based tool. Simply select the assays you need and add them to your order, with no design time.

Log in to DesignStudio

Browse TruSeq Targeted RNA Sample Data
Human Brain Reference RNA (HBRR), Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR), and human liver RNA samples were prepared using the TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression Kit.

These libraries were sequenced on the MiniSeq System using the MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit at a 1 x 51 bp read length configuration. The total yield was 2.04 Gb with 96.5% of bases at or above Q30.

Note that access to this data requires a BaseSpace Sequence Hub login.

Register for BaseSpace Sequence Hub

View TruSeq Targeted RNA Project Data
(secondary analysis with BaseSpace Apps)

*Refers to instruments with catalog number SY-410-1001 and upgrade, or catalog number SY-410-1003

Assay Time 1 day
Hands-On Time 4 hours
Input Quantity 50 ng RNA,50 ng high-quality total RNA,≥ 200 ng FFPE total RNA; Recommended quantity may vary with expression level, target plexity, and sample quality
Content Specifications Choose from 400,000+ pre-designed targeted RNA-Seq assays. Or add content to a fixed panel or previously designed custom panel.
Multiplexing Up to 384 samples per sequencing run
Mechanism of Action Amplification
Method Targeted RNA Sequencing
Variant Class Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs),Gene Fusions,Transcript Variants
Specialized Sample Types FFPE



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