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Invitrogen国内现货 RNA IQ Starter Kit

简要描述:Invitrogen国内现货 RNA IQ Starter Kit
Qubit 4 荧光计
1 RNA IQ (完整性和质量) 分析试剂盒 (275 次实验)

  • 产品型号:thermo Qubit 4
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Invitrogen国内现货 RNA IQ Starter Kit

Invitrogen国内现货 RNA IQ Starter Kit 


  • Qubit 4 荧光计
  • 1 RNA IQ (完整性和质量) 分析试剂盒 (275 次实验)
  • 1电源适配器
  • 超细纤维布料
  • USB驱动和USB数据线

The Qubit 4 RNA IQ Starter Kit includes:
• One Qubit 4 Fluorometer (Cat. No. Q33226)
• Qubit Assay Tubes (set of 500) (Cat. No. Q32856)
• Qubit RNA IQ Assay Kit, 275 assays (Cat. No. Q33222)

Learn more about the Qubit Fluorometer ›

The Qubit 4 Flurometer is the latest version of the popular Qubit fluorometer designed to accurately measure DNA, RNA, and protein quantity, and now also RNA integrity and quality, using the highly sensitive Qubit assays. The Qubit 4 Fluorometer was re-engineered to run the Qubit RNA IQ (integrity & quality) assay. The Qubit 4 Fluorometer and RNA IQ Assay Kit work together to accurately distinguish intact from degraded RNA in just two easy steps.

For all Qubit assays, the concentration or quality of the target molecule in the sample is reported by a fluorescent dye that emits a signal only when bound to the target, which minimizes the effects of contaminants on the result. The easy-to-use touch-screen menus make it easy to select and run the assays you need, with results displayed in just a few seconds.

Key features of the Qubit 4 Fluorometer include:
• Fast and highly accurate quantitation of DNA, RNA, and protein in less than three seconds per sample
• Measures intact RNA in less than 5 seconds per sample
• High levels of accuracy using only 1–20 μL of sample, even with very dilute samples
• On-board Reagent Calculator quickly generates Qubit working solution preparation instructions
• Stores results from up to 1000 samples
• Large 5.7-inch, state-of-the-art color touch screen for easy workflow navigation
• Graphical display indicates when samples are in the extended range or out of range
• Small footprint saves space on your bench
• Exports data to a USB drive or directly to your computer via a USB cable
• Ability to personalize your Qubit fluorometer with the assays you run most, add new assays, or even create your own assays with the MyQubit software and web tool
• Language of your choice including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, simplified Chinese, and Japanese

The Qubit 4 Flurometer can also be used to directly measure the fluorescence of samples using Fluorometer mode. Additionally, Ion Sphere Particle quality can be evaluated on the Qubit 4 Fluorometer using the Ion Sphere Quality Control Kit prior to performing a sequencing run on the Ion PGM sequencer.

Enables more accurate results than with UV absorbance at low concentrations
The Qubit 4 Fluorometer is far more sensitive than UV absorbance, which measures anything absorbing at 260 nm, including DNA, RNA, protein, free nucleotides, or excess salts. Moreover, UV spectrophotometry is often not sensitive enough to accurately measure low concentrations of DNA and RNA. With the Qubit fluorometer, your research is enhanced by more accurate measurements because the dyes in the Qubit assay kits fluoresce only when bound to the selected molecule (DNA, RNA or protein) in your sample. This allows you to avoid repeating work due to inaccurate measurements.

Fast, simple, and accurate measurement of RNA quality
The Qubit RNA IQ assay provides a fast, simple method to check whether an RNA sample has degraded. The assay utilizes two unique dyes: one that binds to large, intact RNA, and another that selectively binds to small, degraded RNA. Together they enable you to quickly assess the quality and integrity of an RNA sample. To use, simply add your samples to the RNA IQ working solution, then measure on the Qubit 4 Fluorometer.

Save samples and bench space
The thoughtfully designed Qubit 4 Fluorometer requires samples of only 1–20 µL. It is intended for use at room temperature and occupies only a small amount of bench space. The Qubit 4 Fluorometer features advanced optics and data analysis algorithms, and comes equipped with a USB thumb drive and cable for data transfer to Excel™ software and for software downloads, as well as a universal power supply, four plug adapters, and electromagnetic CE certification.

Single sample measurements are a breeze
This user-friendly fluorometer is combined with quick and simple assay procedures. Calculations and settings are automatically performed by the instrument. The Qubit assays for use with the Qubit 4 Fluorometer are all performed using the same general protocol, which uses a simple mix-and-read format with incubation times of only two minutes for the DNA and RNA assays. 500 L thin-walled PCR tubes (Cat. No. Q32856) are required.



Dimensions: 5.4"(w) x 10"(l) x 2.2"(h) (13.6 cm x 25 cm x 5.5 cm)

Dynamic Range: 5 orders of magnitude

For Use With (Equipment): Qubit™ Fluorometer

Memory: 4 GB USB flash drive

Optics: Emission filters: green (510-580 nm), red (665-720 nm), Excitation filters: blue (430-495 nm), red (600-645 nm), LED light sources: blue (max ~470 nm), red (max ~635 nm), Photodiode detectors: 300-1,000 nm range

Processing Time: Seconds per sample

Product Line: Qubit™

Product Size: 1 kit

Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Warm-up Time: <35 sec.

Weight: 743 g

Catalog #NameSize单价 (CNY)
Q33226Qubit™ 4 Fluorometer1 fluorometer 
Q33227Qubit™ 4 Quantitation Starter Kit1 kit 
Q33228Qubit™ 4 NGS Starter Kit1 kit 
Q33229Qubit™ 4 RNA IQ Starter Kit1 kit 
Q32850Qubit™ dsDNA BR Assay Kit100 assays1,425.00
Q32853Qubit™ dsDNA BR Assay Kit500 assays4,295.00
Q32851Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit100 assays1,425.00
Q32854Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit500 assays4,295.00
Q33230Qubit™ 1X dsDNA HS Assay Kit100 assays1,310.00
Q10212Qubit™ ssDNA Assay Kit1 kit1,425.00
Q33221Qubit™ RNA IQ Assay Kit75 assays1,989.00
Q33222Qubit™ RNA IQ Assay Kit275 assays6,244.00
Q32852Qubit™ RNA HS Assay Kit100 assays1,468.00
Q32855Qubit™ RNA HS Assay Kit500 assays4,493.00
Q32880Qubit™ microRNA Assay Kit100 assays1,483.00
Q32881Qubit™ microRNA Assay Kit500 assays4,537.00
Q33211Qubit™ Protein Assay Kit100 assays1,468.00
Q33212Qubit™ Protein Assay Kit500 assays4,493.00
Q32856Qubit™ Assay Tubes500 tubes1,232.00
Q33233Qubit™ 1X dsDNA HS Assay Lambda Standard5 mL798
Q33235Qubit™ RNA IQ Standards1 set822
Q33236Qubit™ RNA XR Standard5 each822



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