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Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit国内代理

简要描述:“Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit (384 reactions)/WG-321-1001/1 Ea
Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit国内代理
产品编号: WG-321-1001
美 元 价: $99.00
品 牌: Illumina
产 地: 美国
公 司: Illumina, Inc

  • 产品型号:WG-321-1001
  • 厂商性质:生产厂家
  • 更新时间:Viv体育-02-18
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规格384 reactions供货周期现货

Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit国内代理

Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit国内代理

Illumina Infinium FFPE QC Kit (384 reactions)/WG-321-1001/1 Ea
产品编号: WG-321-1001
美  元  价: $99.00
品       牌: Illumina
产       地: 美国

Product Highlights:

TruSeq Custom Amplicon is a fully customizable, amplicon-based assay for targeted resequencing. The assay enables you to focus interrogation on key regions of genomic interest. Up to 1536 amplicons can be sequenced in a single reaction using a simple workflow. This highly targeted approach offers unparalleled efficiency for discovering, validating, and screening genetic variants in areas of research focus.


Requiring as little as 50 ng of input genomic DNA (gDNA), this kit can be used with a wide range of sample types. The ABIlity to multiplex up to 1536 amplicons per reaction allows coverage of up to 650 kb of cumulative sequence. Further, an integrated dual indexing scheme supports up to 96 samples per run, enabling you to fully benefit from desktop sequencer output capABIlities.


This assay provides improved performance in difficult to address GC-rich regions, as well as increased library yield, uniformity, and stABIlity. Additionally, optimized amplification steps enable sample input requirements to drop from 150 ng to 50 ng.


Simplified Probe Design

Design targeted TruSeq Custom Amplicon oligonucleotide probes with DesignStudio, a free, easy-to-use online tool that provides optimized coverage.


Learn more about DesignStudio

Start a project in DesignStudio now (login required)


Simple Data Analysis

Automated data analysis using the BaseSpace TruSeq Amplicon App allows researchers to easily review project data, including variants detected, across multiple runs.


Species Compatibility

TruSeq Custom Amplicon supports human, mouse, rat, and bovine samples. DesignStudio design algorithms are also available for maize, rice, pig, dog, soybean, chicken, and sheep; however, assay performance cannot be guaranteed as the resulting assays have not been tested. In addition, Illumina Concierge services can design custom assays and/or provide assay optimization support for any species of interest.


Inquire about Illumina Concierge services

Find an up-to-date list of high-throughput automation vendors with robotic systems compatIBLe with this library preparation kit



Assay Time 1 day

Hands-On Time 4 hours

Input Quantity 50 ng RNA,50 ng high-quality total RNA,≥ 200 ng FFPE total RNA; Recommended quantity may vary with expression level, target plexity, and sample quality

Content Specifications Choose from 400,000+ pre-designed targeted RNA-Seq assays. Or add content to a fixed panel or previously designed custom panel.

Multiplexing Up to 384 samples per sequencing run

Mechanism of Action Amplification

Variant Class Short Tandem Repeats (STRs),Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs),Gene Fusions,Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH),Somatic Variants,Chromosomal Abnormalities,Germline Variants,Structural Variants,Insertions-Deletions (indels)

System Compatibility HiSeq 2000,MiSeq,NextSeq 550,HiSeq 3000,HiSeq 1000,MiSeqDx in Research Mode,MiniSeq,HiSeq 1500,NextSeq 500,MiSeq FGx in Research Mode,HiSeq 2500,HiSeq 4000

Species Category Other,Bovine,Mouse,Human,Rat

Specialized Sample Types FFPE

Technology Sequencing

Automation CapABIlity Liquid Handling Robots

Method Amplicon Sequencing,Custom Sequencing" 99.00 盒 Viv体育(中国)有限公司,是一家集研发、销售为一体的生物企业,公司专注于生命科学和生物技术领域,专业提供分子生物学、免疫学、生命科学基础研究以及临床检测等诸多领域的试剂、耗材、仪器等各类产品及生物技术服务。公司目前已代理 LKT Laboratories,MEDICOM(麦迪康),Biovision,ApexBio,阿拉丁,麦克林,TCI,Epigentek,Eaivelly,Abnova,GeneBrick等品牌。



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