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Illumina 基因测序试剂盒

简要描述:Illumina 基因测序试剂盒
Illumina/TruSeq® Exome Kit (8 rxn × 3 plex)/FC-150-1001/1 Ea
产品编号: FC-150-1001
美 元 价: $1680.00
品 牌: Illumina
产 地: 美国
公 司: Illumina, Inc

  • 产品型号:FC-150-1001
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规格6 Cartridges Kit供货周期现货

Illumina 基因测序试剂盒

Illumina 基因测序试剂盒

Illumina/TruSeq® Exome Kit (8 rxn × 3 plex)/FC-150-1001/1 Ea

产品编号: FC-150-1001

美  元  价: $1680.00

品       牌: Illumina

产       地: 美国

公       司: Illumina, Inc

Product Highlights:

TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit is a cost-effective library preparation and exome enrichment solution with industry-leADIng accuracy. It offers:


Pre-enrichment library pooling and optimal coverage for low-cost exome sequencing

Mechanical shearing and TruSeq enrichment technology that yield uniform coverage and greater than or equal to 80% on-target sequencing reads

Fully supported workflow solution to simplify exome sequencing

Cost-Effective Exome Sequencing

The TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit supports 12-plex pre-enrichment library pooling, enabling researchers to maximize sequencing throughput and identify variants in less time by sequencing up to 12 libraries per flow cell lane. The high on-target percentage requires fewer sequencing cycles to reach the optimal level of coverage, while still achieving high coverage uniformity for confident results. It also enables sequencing of more exomes per run, so researchers can maximize their budgets.


To learn more about calculating coverage estimates, see the sequencing coverage calculator.


Proven TruSeq Data Quality

The TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit delivers ≥ 80% of on-target sequencing reads for efficient, cost-effective exome sequencing. By combining the TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit with Illumina systems using sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, researchers can identify true coding variants and minimize false-positive and false-negative calls.


Convenient, Integrated Workflow Solution

Illumina provides an integrated, fully supported workflow solution that guides researchers from library preparation through analysis. All components of the exome sequencing workflow are designed, optimized, and analytically validated together. Expert Illumina scientists provide a single source of technical and field support for every step in the process.


Find an up-to-date list of high-throughput automation vendors with robotic systems compatIBLe with this library preparation kit



Assay Time 2.5 days

Hands-On Time 6 hours

Input Quantity 100 ng genomic DNA

Content Specifications Captures coding exons. Covers 45 Mb of exonic content (≥98% of RefSeq, CCDS, and Ensembl coding content).

Mechanism of Action Mechanical fragmentation (COVARIS) and exome enrichment with biotinylated capture probes

Multiplexing Up to 12-plex enrichment

System Compatibility NovaSeq 5000,NextSeq 550,HiSeq 3000,NextSeq 500,NovaSeq 6000,HiSeq 4000

Specialized Sample Types FFPE

Technology Sequencing

Species Category Human

Automation CapABIlity Liquid Handling Robots

Method Exome Sequencing" 1,680.00 盒 Viv体育(中国)有限公司,是一家集研发、销售为一体的生物企业,公司专注于生命科学和生物技术领域,专业提供分子生物学、免疫学、生命科学基础研究以及临床检测等诸多领域的试剂、耗材、仪器等各类产品及生物技术服务。公司目前已代理 LKT Laboratories,MEDICOM(麦迪康),Biovision,ApexBio,阿拉丁,麦克林,TCI,Epigentek,Eaivelly,Abnova,GeneBrick等品牌。



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