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COR16039 J.S. Bach: Cantatas 34, 50, 147

J. S. Bach

Bach was Leipzig’s Director Musices between 1723 and 1729, as well as being Cantor of St. Thomas’s School involving providing music for the four principal churches and also any other special sacred or secular occasion. During these years Bach supplied at least three complete annual cycles of Cantatas for the church year.

The rich variety of his writing for solo voices and orchestra along with thrilling choral textures is well represented in these three cantatas.

Gillian Fisher soprano
David James
Ian Partridge
Michael George
The Sixteen
The Symphony of Harmony and Invention
Harry Christophers

"The Sixteen are, as usual, in excellent form here… Recording and remastering are top-notch; notes and texts are complete. Thanks to CORO, many choral collectors who never got around to taking their full pick of this legendary group’s old Collins series now have reason to rejoice."
American Record Guide

"The interpretation is quite simply magisterial, in keeping with the music being performed; the impact is unforgettable."
Goldberg Magazine

Track Listings

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

1. Cantata No.50: Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft

2. Chorale Prelude: Vater unser im Himmelreich

Cantata No.34: O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe
3. Chorus - O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe
4. Recit (Tenor) - Herr, unsre Herzen
5. Aria (Alto) - Wohl euch, ihr auserwählten Seelen
6. Recit (Bass) - Erwählt sich Gott
7. Chorus - Friede über Israel

8. Chorale Prelude: Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr'

Cantata No.147: Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben
9. Chorus - Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben
10. Recit (Tenor) - Gebenedeiter Mund!
11. Aria (Alto) - Schäme dic, o Seele, nicht
12. Recit (Bass) - Verstockung kann Gewaltige verblenden
13. Aria (Soprano) - Bereite dir, Jesu, noch itzo die Bahn
14. Chorale - Wohl mir, daß ich Jesum habe
15. Aria (Tenor) - Hilf, Jesu, hilf
16. Recit (Alto) - Der höchsten Allmacht Wunderhand
17. Aria (Bass) - Ich will von Jesu Wundern singen
18. Chorale - Jesus bleibet meine Freude

Total Playing Time: 56.01