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COR16106 Palestrina Volume 3

A towering figure in Renaissance polyphony, Palestrina is arguably one of the greatest composers of Liturgical music of all time. Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continue their exploration of his work with a disc of music for the Easter period.

Many of the works on this new recording celebrate the joyful part of Easter - the Resurrection - and the central mass on this disc is the wonderfully inspired Missa Regina caeli. The Mass is based on the well-known, immediately recognisable, plainchant Antiphon Regina caeli and the recording also includes the 8-voice motet of the same name.

As with volumes 1 and 2 this disc also includes three of Palestrina’s settings of the Song of Songs alongside three offertories for the Easter period and the hymn Ad caenam agni providi.

This disc would not be complete, however, without the exquisite 8-voice Stabat Mater - possibly Palestrina’s most famous piece in current times and a work that emphasises the other side of the Easter story - the agony and pain of the Crucifixion.

The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

Please note: All files were created directly from the 96kHz/24-bit studio masters.

Track Listings

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594)

1. Stabat Mater a8
2. Ad caenam agni providi (Hymn)

Song of Songs, Nos 4-6
3. Vineam meam non custodivi
4. Si ignoras te, O pulchra
5. Pulchrae sunt genae tuae

6. Regina caeli a8

Three Offertories for the Easter period
7. Improperium exspectavit cor meum
8. Confitebor tibi Domine
9. Terra tremuit

Missa Regina Caeli
10. Kyrie
11. Gloria
12. Credo
13. Sanctus
14. Benedictus
15. Agnus Dei I, II & III

Total Playing Time: 70.30