Using eharmony coupon codes to get dating deals


eharmonyWho wants to pay full price for anything? Not me. Of course, it matters little if what you’re buying is relatively cheap. But the more expensive something is, the more worthwhile it is for you to take the extra time to find out if you can get a good deal. Take online dating, as an example. Dating sites come at all price ranges. At the lower end, you have dating sites that are completely free, such as On the higher end, you have sites such as eHarmony, which can costs many hundreds of dollars per year to be a member. I’ve used eHarmony in the past, but never for too long because of the exorbitant pricing. But recently, I was able to find some eHarmony promo codes at various online dating sites. Now, these codes will give you a percentage off membership. No, they won’t save you a ton of money, but they are easy enough to use, so why not use them? All it takes to utilize these promotional codes is to copy a code and paste it in later.  Very little effort is required, and in return you can save a bit of money. You may be wondering, if some dating sites are free, why not just use them instead? I’ll admit, it may be possible to find the love of your life on a free site. But for me personally, I’d rather date someone who has the money to be on an expensive site such as eHarmony. So as far as dating goes, I’d rather pay the price of admission, regardless of how high that price may be.


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